Recieved Fake Gift/How to Wear It

  1. One of my friends, A, is oringinally from the Bahamas. She lives with her cousin, D, and we usually see them about once a week. Last week, she went back home, came home for a day, and then went on another vacation. So, when we went over on Friday she wasn't there. She called though, and D hands me the phone to talk to her while he got something out of her room.

    D comes out with a 'Coach' scarf, tan and brown, and the second I look at it, I can tell it's fake. :sad: I'm glad she wasn't there in person, because she might have been able to tell. She got it for me as a belated birthday gift (it was in March, haha) because she knows I love Coach (when we went to Vegas in March, I paraded her around the outlet twice :shame:smile:. I think I sounded good on the phone though, I said thank you a billion times, because seriously, it was so sweet of her. And I'm sure she thinks it's real. Even though she has told me that she can get LV luggage for $40 back home.

    When I got off the phone, I think D could tell I thought it wasn't real and he went on and on about how it was and they can get those things cheaper back home. D is a guy who has to be right about everything, so I just smiled and said nothing.

    Later when we were leaving, and we talked about coming over next week, D said we MUST come, because A was so excited about getting me the scarf. Then I worried I didn't sound nice and appreciative one the phone, so I MUST wear it a few times around her.

    The only problem is, it's huuuuuuuuuuge! I swear, it must be 3 feet by 3 feet or something. I would take a photo, but I left my camera at their house (they have an adorable new kitten I was taking photos of!). It's 'silk' and the khaki/brown mini sig print. I have no clue how to wear it. It's way too big for my hair, and to use it as a belt, I'd have to cut it in half to not be so bulky. Anyone have any other ideas? I'd rather not cut it so I can donate it to goodwill after I wear it a few times. And really, I need to wear it because it was insanely nice of her to see Coach things (even fake) and think of me.
  2. i saw a girl wear a scarf like that as a shirt.. lol
  3. Fold it several times over and tie it onto your bag?
  4. what scarf? oh...the one that got bleach on it in the wash accidentally and is at the cleaners...or the one that someone you know borrowed and lost...hmmm

    or you could take abandoned images advice :smile:
  5. ^ LOL! So bad! But so clever ;]
  6. ^^ HAHA, I know, I wish I could do that, but it was really sweet of her. I think I'm just going to cut it and throw it away when I'm done.

  7. :lol: :roflmfao: Now that's what I would do.
  8. Why don't you put it somewhere on like 'display' in yr apartment ie if its so large you can't wear it but put it on a couch or even on yr wall
    so yr firend will see it
    but no one in public will
  9. I actually thought about using it to cover my desk chair cushion, but they never come over here. I live with my parents and they've only been here once. We always go to their house. I'll come up with something, haha.

  10. She would know right away...or at least D will figure it out because it sounds as though he already thinks you believe its fake.

    I think you should take abandonedimages' advice.
  11. I agree.:yes:
  12. or wear it like a belt?

    oops! did i just say that out loud?