recent tokidoki ebay scandal

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  1. definitely report his arse!
  2. Oh!! That one someone else mentioned had stolen pics from someone else, so I posted about them in the Authenticate This thread (didn't know where else to put that). I messaged them asking pictures of two things on one of the listings, to see what happened..they complied with one of my requests, which really means nothing except that they stole that image, too. It's bad that so many people are bidding on all 8 of the remaining listings, but at least yours got taken down.
    There was just something like this on lj with pictures being stolen from Flickr, or that was the assumption. :tdown:
  3. that person stole pics of mine also :sad: once reported the listing went down, but it doesn't look like this person is going to stop.
  4. So two people just on here with confirmed stolen pictures. Ughh!! I wish we could message the people bidding and tell them to stop!! :mad:
  5. I also reported this person to Ebay yesterday, but I see they put up some new listings today. That's bad news.
  6. i tried reporting this person, but seems like nothing has been pictures are also up..

    scammers suck!
  7. Does the forum allow you guys to post his/her ebay user name? I think it would be helpful to TPFers, right?
  8. In case not.. The person as a Tan Playground Ciao on sale now...
  9. Yeah, those were stolen from Livejournal as well. It's the Ciao that angelic*ruin bought.
  10. I just reported him for stealing my pics as well. My bag had terrible placement, too. What an idiot!
  11. I dont post here in this subforum but I hope Ebay stop this guy.

    PLEASE ladies watermark your pictures so nobody can use them. Do it across your bags son it can't be photoshop.

    I am so sorry this is happening to you guys. I would be so mad too. And this happening a lot, not only on Ebay you might find your pictures on ioffer,, etc.

    Here are some examples

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  12. I posted a link to their auctions in my comment above (the 8 is a link), and I just re-checked the rules & don't see anything saying that it's not allowed (hopefully didn't miss something), and the person selling on ebay's username is: jpm9674
    As you can see, they have zero feedback, and they've definitely stolen pictures from photo hosting sites. There are TONS of pictures of bags&collections on Flickr, for example (was looking through that the other night), with no watermarks or anything, so I definitely agree with CRYLATER3.
  13. That's horrible! I've never bought anythink from Ebay...but now I'm really scared off:tdown:.