Received the last of my PCE loot!

  1. Thumbs up for almost everything; I was hoping NOT to like the Mandy just because of how much it was, but sure enough, I am in love. Same goes for the ergo tote. I am on the fence regarding the slim legacy tote. It is beautiful, just not sure how much I would use it. :shrugs:
    mandy1.JPG ergo.JPG tote.JPG nicola.JPG
  2. WOW! Nice purchases!

    That Legacy tote is GORGEOUS.:yes:
  3. Everything is so pretty! That tote is gorgeous, you have to keep it!!
  4. :drool: :drool: I am in :heart: with your Mandy! It's just gorgeous.

    Congrats on the great haul! :yes:

    Becca4277 - Is that Mandy in Whiskey? Or is it natural? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, that's how I feel about my LV Roxbury Drive -- I probably won't use it much, but I don't care! It's gorgeous and taking her out will be all the more special.
  6. Oh WOW what a haul! Every single piece is PERFECT!
  7. It is whiskey. It is heavy but I soo do not care. I love it!!! :heart:
  8. GORGEOUS BAGS!!! I love the striped tote and the scarf on the Ergo us just adorable! Perfect Touch!

    Enjoy your new things! :smile:
  9. Great stuff!!! I LOVE the mandy --- that is simply awesome.. !
  10. What a haul!!! Love that Mandy and your Ergo is divine with that lovely scarf on it. Enjoy!!!! Congrats!!!
  11. Amazing haul! I would keep everything if I were you.
  12. Great selection of beautiful items, Becca! The peep-toed flats & the legacy bags are to die for!! A perfect purchase for spring/summer ^_^ Congrats & enjoy!
  13. I love everything!!!!! The Mandy is gorgeous!


    And yes, the slim legacy tote IS beautiful...and regardless of the use you'd get out of it, sometimes you need a bag just because it's BEAUTIFUL...I love it!
  15. Beautiful choices. I'm especially loving those shoes.