Received my order and sent it back

  1. I had ordered the Soho Leather Braided Small Hobo with the matching wristlet and mini skinny in tobacco. I received it today and have sent it back. I didn't like the leather at all, and the hobo was too small. I didn't open up the wristlet and mini skinny at all. I'm disappointed.

    I think I'm going to order the Soho Signature Large Hobo. I had thought about a shoulder tote but, since it's smaller than the braided leather hobo, I don't think it'll work.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear you didn't like the leather! I hope you enjoy the Soho large hobo when you receive it. It's much more like classic Coach leather, and not the textured, distressed leather of the braided hobos. Good luck! :flowers:
  3. Sorry you didn't like it. I love that Tobacco color and am planning on getting the dylan in that color.
  4. I'm the type of person that likes the leather to be smooth and the
    same color all the way around. That's why I love my Patricia's Legacy so much. Will the Soho Signature Large Hobo's strap be the same color throughout?

    I'm mad at myself for not picking up on the braided hobo wouldn't be like I wanted when I ordered the wristlet because it clearly shows it to be distressed. Oh, well. Learned my lesson and know which leather to stay away from.
  5. Your Soho hobo should be very uniform in color and grain. Here's hoping you love it!
  6. It's so frustrating when you order something and you expect it to be one way and it's completely different! I really hope the next order will be better for you. Can't wait to see your new purchases when you get them. :smile:
  7. Kezza, Thank you. I've learned a lot from you. Have you ever thought of writing a Coach guide?

    Foxhunt, Unfortunately, my digital camera's cable won't fit in my laptop's port and can't find a camera phone cable that will fit either.
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Good one!
    There are too many far more qualified people than me for something like that! :lol:
  9. Yep, the braided hobos definitely aren't for people that like a smooth, uniform, texture. I am staring at my Dylan right now, and I am in love with it--seriously, the color, the texture, the braided strap...I could go on and on.
  10. I really am dying to see and feel the braided hobos in person, but I can't bring myself to go into the coach store...
  11. I want to see them in person too. BF will drag me there in a couple of days. He calls that the "molesting stage" cause I touch the bags lovingly and feel them. LOL.
  12. And I thought I was the only one that likes to molest the bags. :graucho:
    Even the sales lady at Coach commented about it. :P

  13. I don't have a Coach store nearby, but do have department stores that carry Coach I usually will take a peek there before venturing elsewhere to see how it will set on my shoulder etc.. you know....take it for a test drive. I absolutely HATE anxiously awaiting my new bag to arrive only to find it is something different than I imagined and then once again anxiously awaiting my refund only to anxiously await the next new arrival of the next bag! It is truly a never-ending cycle!