Received my Chocolate Paddy

  1. Hey Gals,

    So I just received my Chocolate paddy from my friend. I don't know much about paddy's so what should I take pics of so I can post? I would like to make sure it is authentic before I send her a check.

  2. Most of us could tell just by the shape and the way the leather looks.

    I would just take a few snapshots of the front, bottom and lock for starters.

    You don't think your friend would sell you a fake do you? :amazed:
  3. No not at all, She gets the bags from Neimans or Estates etc.... I just want to double check it before I give her a check. When I posted about it a couple of days ago, everyone was questioning its authenticity.
  4. hey giggles, you should post pictures! i have a choc paddy so maybe i can help you out (=
  5. I do too...