Receipt not sent with bag

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  1. Hi,
    I purchased a bag from ebay for £1100. The pictures included a receipt. I do realise it does not prove authenticity but I fully expected to receive it, as most buyers of high end goods want them.

    When I questioned the gent this was his reply -

    My Mother chose not to put the original receipt in due to sensitive personal data on the receipt, as she is a Compliance Director.

    The handbag is original though, as my Mother collects/buys designer handbags directly from the seller

    I've added feedback also


    To me this is not acceptable. I always send the receipt. It's easy enough to black out your details.

    Can anyone advise if I have any kind of recourse?
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    This is my personal opinion.

    I never show a receipt nor include a receipt - photocopy, redacted information or not.

    Receipts prove nothing (as you've stated) but there have been way too many cases where buyers have tried to return, get repairs, or do other more nefarious things using receipts of their sellers. Although there's nothing illegal about reselling an item one either bought to flip or no longer uses, many stores don't want their items resold and such customers have been banned from shopping from those stores or designers.

    While I don't disagree that the tacit implication when a receipt is shown is that it would be included but if a receipt was that important to you, I think you should have asked and verified with the seller that it would be included. (I've seen listings where sellers will state something to the effect of, "receipt is shown as proof of authenticity but will not be included in the sale." (And again, yes, I know the receipt isn't proof but some buyers and sellers believe that it is.) And did the listing say that the receipt would be included?

    In this case, I don't think I'd ding the seller's feedback but I would verify that it's authentic based on the pictures of the bag you received. If genuine, positive feedback would be appropriate, IMO.

    One suggestion is that you could advise the seller (constructive criticism) that he shouldn't show things in listings that won't be included since there are many buyers who only look at pictures and expect to receive what they see. (And such buyers would get constructive criticism to read descriptions as well as look at pictures!)

    I know this isn't exactly what you were hoping to hear.
  3. Did the description state that the bag included the receipt?

    I guess if I were you I would ask for a copy of the receipt and tell the buyer that you're fine if the personal data is blacked out. As a seller, I never send the original receipt and I have sold on eBay quite a bit.
  4. I would never include my receipt. I actually agree with his mother - who knows what people would use it for. However, they probably should have said it wasn't included.
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  5. eBay is tricky nowadays. Def not what it used to be back in the early 2000's....

    While you already know receipts do not prove authenticity, I tend to get skeptical when sellers start giving "stories" when you ask them a question. Such as the explanation as to why the receipt was not included when it was pictured in the listing... I read an article somewhere a while back about how LVMH sued eBay after their investigators found that about 95% of LV, Dior, & other brands being sold on eBay were replicas.... I'm not saying ALL the sellers are not reputable, as I still sell some things on eBay & my items are all 100% authentic, but there are MANY people on eBay trying to scam innocent buyers.... Personally, as to why I do not buy anything on eBay these days.

    What do you want to have accomplished? Do you think the bag is a replica and want to return? Or do you want to keep and have the seller send the receipt?

    There are diff. courses of action for each result, so depends on what you want the outcome to be... I would still have the bag authenticated by a non-interested 3rd party. Too many scammers on eBay nowadays!
  6. I absolutely believe it's authentic but when this 'as she is a Compliance Director' is spouted it makes you think. What I don't know! I buy new and I buy from FB and eBay. Without exception I have had no issues. Franky, I think this is disingenuous posting a picture then not including it in the sale. However, I wouldn't leave bad feedback for the receipt reason alone.
    As for buying second hand with people taking bags back, so what? If they develop a fault they should be able to take them back. I find it hard to believe anyone would be black balled because of this. Unless they do it a lot.
  7. As soon as someone says they are selling a bag for someone else, a red flag goes up. And when they start providing irrelevant information that might try and sound important another red flag goes up. Authenticity may not be an issue but these comments might send me scurrying to an authenticator. As long as it is authentic, I wouldn't worry about the receipt. And in any case, he seems pretty determined not to give it to you.
  8. That's exactly it! It HAS raised red flags, however, he's just messaged to say he'll post the receipt with details cut out. The bag is genuine, I'm sure of it as I've had this bag before but returned. I'm going to get it authenticated, just in case.
  9. It can't hurt to have the bag authenticated just to be sure.
    Having the receipt may have given you a better sense, but at the end of the day
    for most of us authenticity is what counts.
  10. I want to update.

    I think I found the listing and if it is that listing, I am considerably more sympathetic toward your dilemma.

    Although I assume that she (he?) showed the receipt to presumably "prove" authenticity, showing the receipt does imply that it's included. And the same seller (assuming I'm seeing the correct listing) also has another current listing in which he shows a GIFT receipt.

    Since the listing from which you purchased showed the gift receipt (and NOT the actual receipt with personal info), IMO, that's a stronger implication that the gift receipt will be included.

    He doesn't seem to have a history of selling designer items (with more feedback being for biking items), he may not have an understanding of "pursies" and their desires. He really needs to stop showing even gift receipts if he doesn't want to send them!
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  11. You’re quite the detective! :smile:

    Yes, that is the listing and I think you’re absolutely correct; he’s obviously not used to selling items like this. I received my gift receipt so I’m happy. Thanks for your understanding.
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