Rebecca Minkoff Morning After: The new classic? I think so!

  1. I think this is the ultimate bag, I really do. I now have an MA in chocolate, and two MA minis in navy and tomato.

    The leather on these bags is absolutely breathtaking. Strong, durable and yet so soft, smooth, and pliable. Inside is a thoughtfully crafted interior with cute linings and pockets to organize all of your stuff.

    The hardware is very pretty. Antique brass which accentes the deep hued colors of RM's bags perfectly.

    These bags work well with casual outfits like jeans and a tank top and sandals and work perhaps even better with a dressier outfit.

    Im in love with this bag and I honestly think that with its vibrantly hued colors and clean simple lines, this bag will become a true timeless classic.
    AC0467_front.jpg AED20167thumb.jpg AC0467_side.jpg
  2. I also have the MA in chocolate. I love it! The leather is very soft, but tough. I have used mine on several flights and shoved it under seats, carried it to class, and put groceries in it! It still looks wonderful.
  3. so do you all think after all these years the MAB and the MAM are timeless? will you all still be interested in special orders of these bags in five years (do you think)?

    I've had two of these bags (one sold; have one presently). I'd love to have a BBW someday.
  4. Yes, it's definitely a classic, in fact it's my all time favorite bag. I have never owned more than one style bag before the MAM/MAB and now I have 5 with one more on the way.
  5. I do think these bags are timeless. I now have 4 & love every one of them. I at one time had 7 but since i like to use all of my bags, i had to pare down. very functional & classic bag.
  6. I do think these are timeless it's the one that started it all isn't it? and before being introduced to RM I have never owned more than one bag in a particular style. I currently have two MAMs (well 3 if the one my bf has for me for Xmas) and two more on the way. There are so many colors and combinations. And you can't stop at just one.
  7. Absolutely a classic. I can think of no other style that I'd want/use so many multiples of...I have four MAMs and a MAB. The MAM is the perfect style for me - functionality, size, versatility are all perfect...and I believe I'll be able to carry them years from now and still look chic.
  8. Absolutely a classic. This bag will never go out of style. My all time favorite!
  9. I also agree, a total classic!!! Love my MAMs!!!!
  10. MAMs are definitely my favorite style! It is the perfect size and comes in so many amazing colors and leathers. I have black, dark grey with gunmetal, and plum with rosegold.

    Really wish I could buy another right but totally on a ban right now!!
  11. thanks all
    I have a black MAM and I'd love to have a basketweave MA
    but I've never seen a full sized MAB seems from the pics not to be too much bigger.
    All the BNM stores I go to just have MAM - no basketweave and no MAB (although they will get other RM bags like Desire and Cupid)
  12. I definitely think it's a classic shape, but it's also quiet, which I like.
  13. I really like the shape too. Definitely classic.
  14. I totally's a classic. I have 9 MABs... Copper, Canary, Lavender, Electric Grape (more like fuchsia with blue tint but still gorgeous), Royal Purple, Blood Red, Royal Blue, Black, and the elusive and highly coveted Black Cat/Flu Pink..
    My collection would be complete with a Emerald/Kelly Green jewel tone MAB... I hear 2013 fashion color to watch will be green, so here's hoping RM makes one in a green like that.
  15. Emerald green would be amazing!