Rebecca Minkoff Hello Kitty Special Offer to Pursebloggers

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  1. Hello - I received this email from Rebecca Minkoff this morning - a special offer to get your own special collection Rebecca Minkoff Hello Kitty bag - for purse bloggers only. I've been obsessed with these bags since I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan and also happen to be a bag addict. They're putting 10 of each style online on 10/31 for bloggers to purchase. There's only a total of 50 bags of each style being made and this is your opportunity.
    I am going to post photos of what I've seen shortly for a sneak peek.
  2. I got this invite also, but I'm not a blogger.
  3. anyone who subscribes to her email list got one. but it was made for
  4. wow is this exactly at midnight or some certain time? That's really limited... Do they have all the styles up yet to look at ?
  5. I got the invite too. I think it's for anyone that subscribes to her site : )...
  6. I just looked at - you have to click on "shop" and they're right on top!
    I'm pondering my early christmas present to myself as the espresso one.
    there's supposedly only 10 available online and then the rest will be sold at a party tomorrow at the hello kitty store in la. i looked up the phone number - 310-657-7040.