Rebecca Minkoff for Momoberry - A Hello Kitty luxe leather designer bag!

  1. Rebecca Minkoff, the NY based handbag designer, whose Morning After bag I just happen to LOVE is doing a collection for Hello Kitty! It's supposed to come out in November and I'm hearing thru the grapevine it's simple Hello Kitty from the high end Sanrio division, Momoberry. Rebecca has designed this limited edition collection and the lining is what makes it Hello Kitty - it's not all over the place. So if you're a fan of not only Hello Kitty, but Rebecca, this bag is sure to fly fast. I hear they're only doing about fifty of each.:heart:
  2. I love Hello Kitty. The Momoberry line of products is awesome. I would love to see what this bag is going to look like.
  3. omg i love hello kitty!
    i better be on the lookout!
  4. aw, i can't wait to see these!
  5. ooh! Exciting! Thanks for the news.

    I love bags/clothing with fun lining- my gym bag is black on the inside, but tokidoki print inside. I'd love to have a bag with Hello Kitty lining!
  6. The bags are in very limited quantities - about 50 of each...The Momoberry store in LA will carry the majority, and very limited qtys will be available thru the sanrio website...
  7. Oooo....I can't wait to see these!!
  8. gasp! thanks for sharing!! love the morning after bag!
  9. is a store in NYC?
  10. Times Square Sanrio on 42nd Street will have limited quantities....
  11. oooo so exciting!
  12. oh how exciting I can't wait to see the bags!
  13. [​IMG]
    Glazed Espresso Rebecca Minkoff for Momoberry satchel exclusive
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