Reason for Plastic Surgery

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  1. I came across a taiwanese show that showed a psychological test that could supposedly tell your reason for plastic surgery, so i thought i'd just share :smile: What can i say, i feel it's quite true.

    Which picture makes you feel the most comfortable?


    (Interpretations in next post)
  2. Interpretations

    A: You are seeking perfection. No matter how many times you change your looks, you will never be satisfied cause your standards are too high. People who pick this are most prone to addiction.

    B: Your purpose is to accomplish life goal(s). For example, a better career, or for your husband etc. Plastic surgery is just a tool to accomplish a separate goal.

    C: You are very stressed, and plastic surgery is a means to relieve the pressure from what others say about you etc.

    D: Mostly the people with low self confidence, be it inner or outer. You use plastic surgery to increase and supplement the confidence that you lack.

    What did you pick? I picked A :P
  3. OMG!!!!! So accurate!
    I was torn between B or C n I end up choosing C.
    Thanks for sharing though :smile:
  4. I picked A
  5. hah! mine is A and C. I'm dillusional in the sense that i always want the perfect face knowing that its not possible. And i also notice that during times that when i am really stressed, i go into this state of mind and decide to get some enhancements to look fresh again. What an awful habit :S
  6. oh no haha... I picked C first and my second was A. I seek perfection but oh no i don't think i will get addicted... scary! scary test :sad: it's also true that it is to change how others see me and i think about that, sometimes a lot, so i guess the test is true... but i wont' get addicted!! maybe the possibility is there but i will avoid it. D was the only thing i didn't like at all and it also fits bc i am not trying to get more confidence! b is also my goal, i want to advance my career and get a good husband with my new face :smile: but the test is right, it's not my first goal... by the way first i was drawn in to A but then i liked C a lot better but it was a struggle between A and C so maybe for me the two mixed together are the truth :smile:
  7. Hahaah so true
    I pick C btw
  8. I understand what you mean :P I know that perfection is mostly unattainable, but there is always the question of "What if..?". What if I change this and change that lol. I think C is more about stress from other people, but I think it can apply to stress within yourself too. When I'm stressed I do think of PS too (which is partly the reason why I returned to the forum despite trying not to fuel an addiction oops). I don't think it is that unhealthy for us though, at least we are self-aware :smile:
  9. Yup it seems (so far) that many people in this forum picked A and C. On the show noone picked A but mostly B and D though lol. But like I said before I don't think seeking perfection or caring about other people's perception is necessarily an "unhealthy obsession" that should be fixed. At least you are self-aware and it'd be ok if you can exhibit self-control :smile:
  10. interesting :smile: well maybe we are all similar here in some ways :smile:
    i think that makes more sense, i'm stressed about so many things... part of it is other people "what if no one wants to hire me bc my face isn't pretty/balanced enough" haha, but a lot of it is internal. i don't think seeking perfection or wanting to look good in the eyes of others is unhealhy, i think it's very healthy, i agree it's about self control. not havin self control and not being able to strive for balance as well as perfection is unhealthy.

    I don't think i will get revision after revision when i think i look close to perfection, it's not like me. maybe in the future with futuristic technology that doesn't require a surgeron to even hold a knife... haha. but not when it always requires cutting into your flesh and bone with knives and trusting the dr's hands, i think it's too risky. so being close is good enough :smile: i think "if i get 99% perfect and i try again and get worse and i'm only 80% perfect after the revision then i am not striving for perfection but for stupidity." so i think it's also important to be smart and weigh the risks :smile:
  11. Very interesting thread. I picked B
  12. Interesting. I picked B, but I don't really think those are my reasons. My reasons may be closer to A. I like the way I look naturally & all the plastic surgery I've gotten, or plan to get, is to maintain my natural look. I broke my nose & got it reset to look like my childhood nose. My breasts were full in adolescence, but I became a very skinny adult so I had them augmented to fill them out to my previous size. Now I want fat replaced in my face & I want my skin tightened where it's relaxing. I guess that can be addictive because as I age my looks will keep changing & I'll keep trying to maintain them. Everything else in life I hope to achieve with a combination of intelligence, personality & hard work. It may seem hypocritical, but I would hate to know that I was being judged on my looks, because someday I won't be beautiful any longer. Will that mean I don't deserve the things I've accomplished? I hope not.
  13. I picked B :smile: Sounds about right.
  14. for me there is always desire to improve the %.... not like I have a goal % at 100%, but i feel that if i am still lacking, why not? but its true that the risk involved is too much to outweigh my desires (at least for me). i dont think we would see that futuristic technology in our lifetimes, sadly lol :sad:
  15. Hmm so assuming if you didn't break your nose or get very skinny, would you have considered PS? I think it depends on whether you tried to restore your natural and original look for your own happiness or for how others would look at you. I see more nuances of your motivations in B if judgement was the reason you had to fix something. But I also see the addictive nature of your facelifts in A, so perhaps it's a mixture of both. It's hard to have a sole motivation that is 100%. I think I am probably 80% A and 20% C. I don't really peg my looks to my accomplishments, although I know the harsh reality that both are related. I mostly do PS for my own satisfaction i.e narcissism/vanity lol. And I don't think looking old means you don't deserve the things you've accomplished, 99% of attractive/smart/intelligent/rich people start to look old without enhancements. 1% is of course for the exceptions

    Digression- the forum doesn't allow me to post a lengthy post argh!