Really want a camera bag!!! Can anyone help me?

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  1. Dear all, I have tried so much to find a camera bag in dark gray or mett navy, but it is sold out every where. Please pm me if any one have any clue about that! Thank you!!!
  2. There are some camera bags on ebay.
  3. Do you mind paying retail?

    I bought mine 2 weeks ago at the Chanel boutique nyc-soho. I bought dark silver, and they still had one (maybe more). they also had metallic pink and a few other colors....

  4. Thank you!!! How about the price? Are they still on sale??? Do you have the SA email or telephone#? Sorry for so many questions:graucho:
  5. No, the boutiques did not put the camera cases on sale. Only the department stores did. Large is $2995 + tax. SA, Jade (NYC Soho) (212) 334-0055

  6. Ohhhh, the price is not very lovely~ but thank you so much!!!
  7. Yeah, my local chanel boutiques also still has some cam bags left, but they're not on sale.
    Only the dept. stores had them on sale but I think they're all sold out. If you don't wanna pay retail, the best bet will be ebay. HTH!