Really really ticked at a buyer right now

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  1. Ok, I listed my LV Perfo Speedy and w/in like a day I got a best offer of which I accepted. This thing is in mint condition. My payment terms for BIN's are immediate payment, I have that option checked. Well, I do put that I require payment w/in 3 days... yeah, I know I cannot file an NPB until 7. Now, in HUGEEEEEE letters, I have payment only from confirmed addresses accepted. Now, this chick put me off for days on payment, and guess what... she paid from an unconfirmed addy. UGH. I really really needed that money too... I mean badly. Why are ppl so just dumb sometimes.... they don't read auctions or what?
  2. I'm sorry you are having to deal with that! That has happened to me before, too - and it is VERY frustrating! I wish eBay would add a feature that requires immediate payment even on accepted best offers....

    hope things turn out ok - I'm sorry you are having the issue...
  3. how annoying!! yeah, i don't get why people don't read auctions either! i especially hate it when people ask the seller questions that are already listed in the text of the auction!!!

    so what can you do in this case? can u contact her and tell her that unless she provides a confirmed adress w/ paypal, she'll be refunded and won't be getting the bag? not sure how this all works....good luck with it...
  4. I am sorry this happened. Even you need the money, never accept payment from an unconfirmed address. I guess you have to refund her the money and ask her to resend it (either a money order or PP money with a confirmed address), otherwise this transaction has to be canceled.
  5. Well, I list specifically in my auctions I do not accept money orders. I have gotten bit by a scam on those before. I never knew that you could do stop payments on money orders until eBay either. Got the money order, deposited it and shipped the item... boom, got a chargeback in my checking account. Then of course the lady disappeared. No, I am going to give her 24 hours, decline the payment through paypal as I do have my options in paypal set for me to either manually accept or decline unconfirmed payments. I have shipped like very very small dollar items (under 10.00) to unconfirmed w/ lots of feedback behind them. Just not gonna do it on an $850.00 sale. I did request user info and in addition to sending them the email, I called the phone number listed and left a message also. If they don't have a response or it confirmed, I am relisting it... I clearly state I ONLY take PayPal and it must be from confirmed address... in HUGEEEEEEEE letters. She did not follow auction instructions.
  6. Ok, this is what I do not get... I go into to deny her payment and it shows you basically a kind of reputation they have of who they have paid etc... here is what it shows:

    Buyer Status: Verified Personal PayPal Member For: 5 years 1 month Buyer Reputation : 101 unique Verified sellers paid

    Now, if you are a member that long and have paid that many ppl, why are you not confirmed?
  7. Maybe it's just a paypal glitch? This happened to me once - I've been confirmed for over 3 years but on one transaction it showed up that my address was not confirmed. Same address, no changes, same bank account. I don't know what happened but a couple of days later it was fine again.
  8. i don't know but she could have recently moved. This happened to me when I bid on an LV item on was like just weeks after I had moved to a new address. I had changed the address on my bank account already but not on Paypal. The auction listing said shipping to confirmed addresses only. So right after I bid I went to Paypal to change my address to my new one.. However, because Bank of America's website can be extremely *lame* sometimes, when I tried to update my address, Paypal said it couldn't be done online, and had to be done manually (where Paypal deposits like 5 cents and 2 cents into your bank account and you have to confirm the amount and all that). Well doing that takes like 3 business days (argh), so during the meantime my Paypal address was unconfirmed. :push: I then freaked out cuz by the time the auction ended, my Paypal address would still be unconfirmed. So I then sent a note to the seller letting her know of this situation, and she was ok with it..i ended up winning the auction...i think she waited until PayPal address was confirmed and then shipped the item
  9. Well, to be on the safe side in any case, I declined it, called and left her the message as to why etc and will wait and see for a bit.
  10. I hate buyers like that!! In my auctions the very first thing you'll read is "PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BIDDING!!!!!!" yet they still don't obviously read everything!!
  11. I would not take the chance with accepting a money oder. If she does not have a confirmed address for such a big ticket item, I would feel very uneasy. I used to sell on Ebay years ago (Laura Ashley and Oilily items from the outlets) and only got scammed once with a bounced check.
    My friend does Ebay (buying only) and does not have a confirmed address because she refuses to list her bank account on Ebay only her credit card to pay. She has never had a problem but I doubt if she ever bought a item for over $50.00. I just think Ebay is a place for so many scams that it really is not worth it.
  12. Well....if she has been pretty uncommunicative I say you are doing the right thing.

    I've shipped LVs to unconfirmed addresses, but only because they paid instantly and they emailed me to explain it was a work address, etc. And I always ship with signature confirmation & full insurance so I wasn't too worried!!!
  13. I know it probably doesn't help you much, but there's some weird thing where I can't confirm a UK address with my PayPal account because it's an Australian PayPal. If I join UK PayPal it won't let me join it to my ebay account because I already have another account joined. *sigh*. I've asked about it a few times and they just ignore me.

    Hope it works out for you!
  14. These are not out of the country addy's as I only ship to US and Canada for that reason. As for the other about not putting your bank info in there to have a confirmed addy. The credit card actually, as you said she paid from is the best way for PayPal to confirm addy... so, your friend has it wrong on a few accounts. This is from PayPal:

    Here's how you can confirm your shipping address:
    1. Add a credit card to your PayPal account. By adding a credit card to your account, PayPal can attempt to confirm your address with your credit card company. If the credit card company is not able to confirm your address, you may be asked to complete the Expanded Use enrollment process to activate your credit card. Your address can be confirmed after that process is complete. Note: Not all credit card companies are able to confirm addresses.
    2. Apply for PayPal Buyer Credit. If approved, the address on your application will be a confirmed address.
    3. Complete Alternate Address Confirmation. This process takes several days and is only available for U.S. accounts. To learn more, log in to your PayPal account and visit the Alternate Address Confirmation page.

  15. There must be something in the air. A similar thing happened to me this week and again, not a small amount of money. I accepted her best offer, sent the invoice. She waits around almost a day to tell me her address isn't confirmed (I've got my Paypal account set to refuse payments from unconfirmed addresses) and wants to pay me with a money order. I told her to put her credit card on file with Paypal and basically pay up because I would NOT send that item to an unconfirmed address and won't accept anything but Paypal. Then I sent a request to eBay for her contact info. I had no plans to call her, just wanted to let her know I was keeping an eye on her. I also reported the situation to eBay yesterday so it's on record. This morning she's NRU.... The good news is that allows me to immediately relist my item. The bad news is I had almost 20 people watching the item and of course, I'm not getting a HUGE amount of money I was expecting and all the lost time because of this idiot.

    The first thing I did when I relisted it was put in capital letters to READ TERMS OF THIS AUCTION BEFORE MAKING OFFERS. Not that people like that byotch bother...... :mad: