really need some help!!!

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  1. i went to return the large black arena day sac with the giant gold hardware today...i guess i wasn't totally in love with it...when i was at the store, i saw a new bbag, in blue and in brown (i'm sure there are more sophisticated names for them, but i'm new to bbags and don't know them yet)...they had a wide strap that could be adjusted and worn cross body, there's no zipper at the top, and the hardward was giant silver...i talked to the SA and let her know i was hard on my bags and she said that bbags can't take that kind of wear!!! so, now i'm looking for help naming the bag and wondering if bbags can take that kind of's not like i take them rock climbing! i'm a teacher and they go under the desk, on the seat next to me in the car, but i don't baby my this bag right for me? it's really gorgeous but i don't want to spend over 1K for a bag that i can't use every day...HELP!!!!
    thanks! everyone on this forum has been really great with opinions!!!
  2. I don't abuse my Bbags, but I certainly use them daily....and I find them to be very sturdy. The only thing I'm extra careful about is when we're eating out. I always make sure wine or food can't be spilled on or near where I put my bag (usually on a purse hook). Other than that I don't think you should be overly concerned. I find the more I use them the better they look and feel! I'm with you....I'm not spending that kind of money on my bags and then be afraid to use them. HTH! :yes:
  3. oh i just saw that style and loved it!!! great choice! and i completely agree b bags age very well, you can definitely plan on daily use. i think you'll be very happy!
  4. Does anyone know what this style is? Is it new? I'm very intrigued since it has the Giant hardware.
  5. it's a new style for fall and i believe it only comes with giant hardware. i loved it! i'm not sure what the name is sounded like besace but it's not (it can be worn messenger style but it doesn't have the flap over part). i'm going to search for a photo and if i find one i'll post a link....
  6. I haven't heard about this style at all! Has it ever been discussed on tPF? It has no zipper at the top - it's just open? Also, do you remember if the strap is as wide asthe Flat messenger? I really would like a messenger bag that has a thinner strap - more feminine.
  7. the strap is about an inch or so wide...the bag is gorgeous! i'm just concerned about the "wear and tear" of bbags because the SA seemed to think that they don't wear well...for over 1200 i think i should be able to use a bag every day!!!!
  8. The biggest problem I have had with Bbags is the wear and tear on the handles - i.e., the whipstitching getting damaged, the handles darkening, and the paint sealant cracking & chipping. You wouldn't have any of those issues with this particular bag, since it doesn't have handles. The goatskin is actually very durable.
  9. one problem I can think of is that when you put them on a hard surfaces often, the edges will look worn. The color on my bbag got much lighter around the edges.

    Other than that, I think the leather is very durable. Plus, it has a vintage look to begin with so IMO wear does not show that fast.
  10. I think you can have a bbag as a daily bag. I also wear my bags and use them. They have just some normal wear. The only suggestion I would make is

    a) get a dark color for sure
    b) don't get a style with protruding (sp?) corners,like the box or twiggy, they will look worn faster.
  11. What store did you see these at? I am dying to see pics since I love crossbody bags. I am wondering if I could call an SA and they would be willing to send me a pic. Does BNY have any of these?
  12. Thanks! I just saw the pics. Its really cute. Not that I need yet another bag to lust after.
  13. I use a Blueberry Work as my daily Bbag. I agree, it needs to be big enough to be veratile and dark to look cleaner for longer. All Bbags wear very well and they're sturdy too!