Reality TV

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I hate to admit it but as I was flipping through channels one night, I came accross an episode of Flavor of Love and started watching it. I hate to say it but all that drama and cattiness from the girls, the show was pretty interesting. Seriously, it was so funny watching girls go so crazy for Flav.:Push:

    Another guilty pleasure of mine is the Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency.

    Anyone here watch those shows? What Reality TV shows are you currently addicted to?
  2. thats not bad, niether of those shows are on Australian tv and i would watch them if they were, i live on reality tv, i have watched every survivor, top model (and the oz versions), and big brother oz ever! to be honest i only watch reality tv besides desperate houswives!
  3. I couldn't watch it, mainly because I think flav is kinda gross and the girls on the show seem well, you know...that's one reality show I will not watch.
  4. i hate reality shows!! they're not reality anymore