REALITY TV FOR KIDS :D -- Please help TPFers

  1. I have to find a list of age appropriate REALITY TV shows that early teens and kids under 12 can watch (well at least shows where parents thinks theyre OK enough to watch).

    So the criteria is, "Made with Kids for Kids" or just basic content which is still appropriate for younger viewers to watch.

    I dont watch Reality TV (and when I do, its so juicy and trashy! haha) all that much and seeing that this is a TV section.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Kid Nation
    That Ty Pennington show, Trading Spaces or something?
  3. My Super Sweet Sixteen?
  4. I wouldn't let my kids watch that, those kids usually behave so nasty!

    Makeover: Home Edition or something is the one w/ Ty that I was thinking of.
  5. Yeah all I can think of is Kid Nation. All of the other reality shows can get a little out of hand and inappropriate.
  6. American Idol, or the more friendly/polite version, Canadian Idol. XD
    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
    Trading Spaces
    The Amazing Race -- they even had a Family Edition.
    Little People, Big World -- teaches understanding? ;) (This one is about a family of little people. It's very good and quite funny; the kids are hilarious)

    Kid Nation isn't very good, IMHO. Most of the kids there are brats.
  7. thank you so much ladies! :smile:

    yeah you're right, alot of shows have too much adult content.

    What do you think about The HIlls or America's next top model for say, TWEENS?

    Too old for them?
  8. the hills no. america's next top model maybe it does have nudity and some swearing if u get a season with nasty chicks
  9. I think your list depends on the entity for whom you are preparing it.

    Peoples' ideas of what kids should or should not see are all over the place, and are seldom consistent, logical, or related to actual reality.

    So to compile the list, I would analyze as best I could, the attitudes, opinions and beliefs of the person for whom I was making the list, and choose shows that would be a good match for that person's views!
  10. Or how about Run's House on MTV? They are a great family and Run always has a little life lesson type of thing at the end. I don't think I've ever come across anything that I would consider to be explicit on there.
  11. Keep in mind, though, that if the show does have swearing it's usually bleeped out. If the show does have nudity, the person is either blurred out or there's black bars . . . unless you're watching British television.

    At the same time, you don't want to be exposing kids to a show where practically every other word is bleeped.

    When I have kids, the one thing I'd worry about is violence. But because there's not that much violence on reality tv, unless you count graphic plastic surgery procedures or any type of surgery procedures as violent . . . I'd worry more about the trashy shows. By trashy shows I mean The Simple Life and My Super Sweet 16.

    With the plastic surgery shows, I would say if the kid is emotionally ready, I'd have no problem letting them watch it.

    And when I say I'd let them watch plastic surgery shows, they would have to have the right message. I Want to Look Like a Celebrity or The Swan are NOT okay. Shows like Extreme Makeover would be fine.
  12. Having said all of that, I agree with the other posters when I say I would recommend:

    Extreme Makeover Home Edition
    Little People, Big World
    Run's House

    Also, I'd like to add

    John & Kate Plus Eight
    Any of those TLC shows where the family has twelve children.

    It all depends on whether or not you agree on the message being sent out with shows like these.
  13. Exactly! And with the understanding that the message you perceive the show to be sending, the message that your neighbor gets, and the message, if any, that the producers intend, may have few, if any similarities.

    Which is why few two lists would be exactly the same, which is probably true with most lists, but the question of censoring what children read, see, etc is such a highly charged one, and can in a heartbeat not just touch, but plunge elbow-deep into issues of core values/beliefs, just one show on your list has the potential to hurl the reader into a full-blown hissy fit, and define you forever as an Immoral Corruptor of Our Youth, ascribe to you entire value systems, even political opinions that you may or may not have, but which will constitute, to that one "sensitive" reader of your list, irrefutable evidence that you are an Enemy of All That Is Good.

    I was thinking about this question late last night, and decided that the best advice I could offer to anyone compiling such a list is that they do everything possible to avoid doing it at all. :graucho: