Ready to buy my first MJ Zip Clutch!

  1. So I'm finally ready to buy a zip clutch (I've been waiting about 2.5 years!). My birthday is coming up and I have my first high paying job.. so I'm ready to take the plunge. I'm really excited about it- I decided on the lilac.


    I was wondering- if I get a Saks credit card can I get a discount? When I signed up w/Bloomies I remember I got 15% off a major purchase. And also would I be able to do it over the phone? I figure it's worth it since it's such an expensive item for me!
  2. Nice colour! I hope you'll get it, take some pics when you do. I am not sure about a discount when you open the Saks card, but if you sign up for email updates, you'll get a 10% off coupon.
  3. That color is TDF!!! :drool::drool: Definitely post pics if/when you get it!!
  4. Beautiful color - I love my ZC. It is so functional. You will love it!
  5. That is an excellent choice for your first ZC. That color is amazing! Can't wait for you to get it!
  6. yes, i am sooo excited! maybe i will just sign up for the email updates.. 10% off is awesome :smile:
  7. love the color you chose!
    remember to post pics!
  8. yummy color. it's so cute! you'll love it. I do. and happy birthday!
  9. i saw this zc irl and it's so pretty! i'm really glad you'll be getting it for your birthday. don't forget to share pics with us!
  10. hm, i signed up for the Saks email updates but haven't received a coupon. if anyone spots one let me know!
  11. airmarket bloomies and Nordies just had sale at 20% or more, I know bloomies had 20% on everything, but don't call the 1800 number, they don't know anything and are rarely helpful call the stores