Ready for a reveal?

  1. I really like the Bays Clutch and that is a gorgeous version of it. The colour will go with so much.
    She looks great on you - enjoy!
  2. Thank you all so much ladies, for your enthusiastic comments! It makes me very happy :smile:
  3. Oh I'm late but the bag has class & you look fab - great colour combo, very cool - gorgeous pic!! Congrats :heart:
  4. Gorgeous, congratulations!
  5. I bet that feels as lovely as it looks! You look great too (liking those killer heels) - congrats!
  6. love the sludge grey........... beautiful.
  7. Congrats Marjo, its lovely :smile:
  8. ^ Just saw the modelling pics too! - Fabulous :biggrin:
  9. oh congrats!
  10. lovely!! congrats. :smile:
  11. it is beautiful, congrats
  12. :ty:
  13. Hi Marjo, I have to admit I wasn't too impressed until I saw your modelling pics but now I think it looks fabulous.
  14. :woohoo: That is gorgeous - you lucky lady!! Congratulations!!
  15. Well I kind of had the same experience...started liking it when I tried it on ;)