Reade PM in framboise...

  1. I :love: that bag so much, and recently tried it on in the boutique. I would buy it, but it's just so tiny and I can't justify the price. Plus I'd be paranoid about messing it up. Guess it's better to just dream from afar :crybaby:
  2. Oh, and pardon the eBay newbie question, but what does MPRS mean?
  3. MPRS is My Poupette Recommended Seller and They are selling authentic LV only...I love framboise but I already have 2 reade PM....
  4. Hi:smile: MPRS- My Poupette Recommended Seller .Check out their site :yes:
  5. Beautiful :love:
    Don't like the fact that's it's open, though... :censor: I'm a little paranoid w/ that...
  6. Ditto.. my sensibilities just scream that it's inviting people to reach in ! :Push:
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