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  1. So they have a great piece on their website that I'm contemplating, but it's already on eBay and has a bid.
    If I buy it from their site will they cancel the auction? Or are they likely to cancel the piece on their website?
    Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. I am sure they will cancel the auction and end it early if you buy it from their site. Nothing wrong with that at all. Go for it I would say.
  3. I agree with what Darien said... they'll cancel the auction.
  4. Can you post the link of their website?
  5. AS long as you inform Let-trade sooner so they can end the auction before it ends.I remember about Mizi's nightmare one of PFer went through.
  6. Thanks all! Will they remove a listing from their website once the bids are higher than website amount?
    I need to sleep on it a few days (it's not cheap and I've been a very very bad girl lately).
  7. What is the website address? Not sure if you're allowed to post it in the forums but could someone PM me with it?
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