Re-dyeing question

  1. I heard that Hermes will "re-dye" an old bag if sent back to Paris. Does anyone know if they will only do this in the same color (eg, a bag that is faded and they re-dye the same color) or whether they will change the color within limits (eg, dye a brown bag to black). Last question, does anyone know how much this costs. Thanks.
  2. I have heard they will not dye it another color, but I do not claim to be an authority on this.
  3. Good question, jedimaster. :smile:
  4. OK, since there have not been many responses thus far, here are my 2 cents...I have an old Kelly (?50s ?early 60s) purchased from a reputable person a while ago. The story is the bag was originally white, but was dyed black and the handle replaced. I know the handle was replaced at Hermes. I don't know if the bag was dyed at Hermes (the interior was not dyed). But if H did not dye it, I don't imagine they would put a black handle on it? Or would they? This is my mystery bag. It hides in my closet and comes out rarely. I feel guilty that it is not loved as much as my others. I don't like to talk about it. Sorry I know this is a weird post. I wish I could be more helpful.
  5. Pepper did you ever bring your bag to Hermes?
  6. Nope. Afraid. All the stuff done to it happened before I acquired it. It was my first H bag.
  7. I see did Hermes put the new handles on?
  8. Yes, I edited my post to make that clear. I am not 100% sure the dye-ing occurred at H (it might have) but yes, the handle was replaced with a black one, at H. I read somewhere that H won't work on a bag if you've messed with I am going to guess that it was dyed at H.
  9. Yes I would assume so too, as they did put the handles on.... so I guess it is safe for you to go there :smile: indeed a mystery bag.
  10. fascinating!
    my curiosity would overrule my fear of folly!
    i would take it to hermes