Raymundo Sunglasses

  1. Is there anyone out there that owns a pair of Raymundo sunglasses?
    Are they really over-sized? I have an opportunity to buy a pair, but I don't like really huge oversized sunglasses.
    I just returned my Millionaires for that reason.
  2. Yes, they are pretty much GM size. Like the conspirations GM, but different shape.
  3. I like then alot..
  4. They're hot glasses, but they are oversize.
  5. i have both the Raymundo and first generation Millionaires. they're both oversized, but they have completely different looks. i love and use them equally. but if you say you don't like huge oversized sunnies, the Raymundo isn't the one you want. but its always best to try them on yourself :tup:
  6. here's a photo of them side-by-side:


    HTH ;)
  7. I don't really like them on me :sad:
  8. Thanks for the pictures and advice,
    I appreciate it.
  9. Tosh or anyone else that can help,

    Does anyone know of someone that is selling the brown raymundo pair? I'm looking to purchase one. I'm just looking for a contact that has them and might be willing to sell. Thanks in advance.
  10. buying and selling is not aloud on the board.