Rave for Duo Boots!

Mar 5, 2006
I thought I would post feedback about this, as when I posted on this topic several months ago, quite a few members seemed to share my problem with tall boots. I have very skinny calves and have never been able to find a nice pair of tall boots that weren't too big for my calves. I've always had to wear my tall boots with jeans to make them fit properly. Thankfully, someone on this forum directed me to duoboots.com, and I ordered a pair of boots from them a couple of weeks ago. They arrived last week, and I am thrilled!! They fit my calf perfectly, are good quality and look great! You can order your specific calf size in any of their styles. So if anyone else has this problem, I highly recommend them!
I have a pair of Duo's! I have the opposite problem, my calfs are too big to zip up alot of boots comfortably. But Duo's are fantastic. They have a boot that will fit everyone.