Rattle snake bite story.

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  1. Yikes! What a strong little girl!
  2. I may never leave the house again.
  3. I made my husband look at the pics first and he said, "No...you can't handle these." So I didn't look. lol What a story though!!!
  4. Those pictures were intense sheesh! that poor girl, imagine going through all that!
  5. I could not help it, I clicked on the pics. I can't imagine how much pain that girl must have been in, I am glad she is better. I did not know that such extreme measures had to be taken for a snake bite.
  6. We killed a 6 1/2 foot long rattlesnake and its 4 1/2 foot long rattlesnake mate in our driveway a few years ago. Snakes were bigger around than my upper arm. Horrifying.
  7. Once my husband came across a huge rattlesnake by our front door. He grabbed the shovel and beat it over and over, until it just collapsed. (He said we certainly didn't need a big rattlesnake hanging out around the house with a child and dogs!) I was out shopping (surprise, surprise) and he asked me to come home so my friend and I could help him get it in a garbage bag. I couldn't step up to the plate because I was terrified, but my brave friend was holding the bag open for my DH. He went to grab the snake with some tools, and it jumped back up like it was never hit. That darn thing had been playing bossom for 20 minutes!!! My husband hit it again with the shovel, and this thing was so big that it wasn't affected. Finally, once again, my very brave friend held the snake in place with a hoe, and my husband cut its head off with some big ol' garden tool. I was screaming the whole time.
  8. What an interesting story, and very graphic pics! I felt nauseus looking at them, but hey, things like that can happen to anyone...
  9. holy moly!! i couldn't help it and clicked on the pics....pretty disgusting but the person is lucky to have recovered from the bite and still be able to use their hands!!
  10. It's pretty amazing what they went through