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  1. I have become rather irritated with the "new" coach forum on tPF. Firstly, it's become rather difficult to navigate. Secondly, I have had one post "closed" for what seemed like no reason at all and one post moved to another thread when it had nothing to do with that thread and no explanation as to where it went. (a simple PM, "I MOVED your post here" would have been awesome)

    Anyway, I am seriously, considering just leaving. I'm unnerved by this and the "helpful" yet condescending "here's the proper thread" notes I see placed in other people's post simply because people are more than eager to be helpful when their help is simply NOT NEEDED.

    In other words, I'm thinking of peace outin' this jawnt because I've had enough of the busy bodying. I mean has anybody else noticed how dull this board has gotten? I seriously do not think the lameness is the result of those banned members leaving, I think it's a result of a "constant correction" and "busy body/i think i'm helpful/irritating members."

    That was my two cents, hope yall have an awesome day.
  2. I have noticed the same thing. I will be reading a thread and all of a sudden its closed or moved, and yet, I cant find it lol. I have no idea where the outlet thread is? or why everything has to be moved around and put here or there, and nobody is saying where its going.

    It is fustrating trying to read and very confusing.
  3. It isn't busy-bodying; it is keeping some order. Other brand forums and the general forum have always done this, otherwise we end up with multiple threads about the same thing and it actually becomes harder to find the information we need.

    I do think that a note as to where something was moved might be good, but I can understand why there isn't sometimes since the outlet, PCE, collection and other main ones are right at the top.
  4. Oh, and regarding how slow things are, that is true of the whole board, not just Coach. It is the season, not the organization! (I tried to edit my last post, but it wouldn't work!)
  5. Perhaps I didn't state my case with clarity. I'm not always talking about the mods. I'm talking about someone asks a question and instead of answering the question, someone who isn't a mod, takes it upon themselves to go, you should look here. Then posts a link, doesn't explain to that person why they said that just points out their superior "linkage skills" and then moves on to harass others. So no it's not keeping order, it's keeping tension.
  6. I totally agree with you.
  7. I've noticed this also with a few certain peeps, and it does get irritating.:wtf: I just ignore them & move on...
  8. It seems to me like this forum has cooled off quite a bit. I noticed that there are far less new threads than before & I miss having more insight & input from my fellow TPF girls.
  9. I agree with you on the point that people don't explain why they put links up but I think they are just trying to be helpful, not show off their "superior 'linkage skills.'"
  10. I think sometimes the links are put up to be useful, other times they are not. I think the forum is reallly slow and that stinks, but I love all the girls around here. One thing I have noticed is the rules aren't set in stone... some people have banned for doing things and others are let to do it, no problems.. I think if rules are rules EVERYONE Should have to abide by them. Just my .02
  11. As someone who has been on this board a long time and seen the same question asked 1000 times...I like the people who post the links....and don't say it enough but THANK YOU to them from me. A simple search will turn up the answer to most questions asked ...because they are asked and answered quite frequently. Personally, I've stopped going into a lot of threads on this forum since I can tell from the title its the same thread thats been started repeatedly. Could be that others doing the same thing are contributing to the board being slow.

    And...to our MODS...I think you are great! THANK YOU! Particularly with closing threads and moving them to the appropriate place. It may be slow on here right now...but I think the forum is dramatically improved over the downhill slide it took.
  12. I am a little irritated too. Why? Because I am the one who posts links to previous threads on a daily basis and I know that this thread was directed to me (and maybe some other people). It has nothing to do with my "linkage skills" or anything else of that nature. It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that there are other threads out there that might contain something useful to the person looking for information. And, let's face it, some of these topics are beaten TO DEATH and there's no reason why people shouldn't search before asking a relatively common question. Sorry it makes you tense; sorry you don't like it. Skip over my posts if you don't like them.

    What are you expecting to accomplish by posting this thread, AwesomeJones? Are you hoping that everyone will reply to your thread begging you to stay? I am going to respond to you the same way I always respond to these posts -- stay, go, do whatever. Nobody is forcing you to be here and if you think it's so bad, why bother?

    And, let's not start up the banned member stuff again. All of those threads have been closed and again, that's just beating the issue to death. Let it die already.
  13. one would assume that if you CLICK on the links provided, it would become obvious as to why they were posted, therefore not requiring much of an explaination...allowing members to ask the same questions a dozen times in a dozen different threads just makes things disorganized and cluttered, which is why we close and move threads.

    we simply don't have the time to send a PM to every interested party every time that we close, moved, or edit something. it's not going to happen. each mod does it dozens of times a day in order to keep this place running, and we leave a redirect last at least a day when we move a thread.

    and we use the same organization in all the branded forums, and it's never been much of a problem. perhaps you're not used to it yet, but we've tried it a bunch of a different ways and found this one to be the best.
  14. Do you really think i need/want you of all people to beg me to stay?

    Also, you should do a reread, because I said, i don't think the ridiculousness has anything to do with the banned people meaning that before thats brought up I clearly don't believe it is a problem.

    Finally, if you feel something is being beaten to death then I invite you to do the same thing and skip over it or at least be a little less curt, because you words don't seem helpful, they actually seem harmful.

    BTW, it's not all about you, as with most things if you think something is directed at you perhaps you already knew it was an irritating habit.
  15. I agree with the OP that there are certain organizational issues with the new site. Like the outlet thread for example. It's a lot more user friendly to have people post threads like "Been to the Hagerstown Outlet lately? What's there?" than to have everything related to outlets merged into a giant outlet thread. if we were allowed to post separate threads, i could either click on or skip them, based on their relevance to me. that's a whole lot more user friendly than having to navigate through the gargantuan outlet thread to find relevant information. Ditto for the "retail sales" thread. I would much rather have individual posts like "Macy's sale 8/10-8/15" than have to navigate through the entire thread to find information relevant to me.

    Maybe I'm in the minority about that, but what's the purpose of having a whole separate shopping subforum if all the threads get merged into the stickies at the top?

    That said, I do love this forum and I don't mind when duplicate threads get closed, I just wanted to offer some friendly feedback!
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