Rarest Bag and/or print?

  1. I know that this is total speculation, but what do you think the rarest Tokidoki LeSportsac bag is? Surely this is based strictly on anecdotal evidence, but I'm just curious what you all think. Personally, I have a search plugged into eBay that alerts me whenever a Carmellina is listed, and in 6 months I've NEVER had a hit, so I'm going to say the Carmellina. Thoughts?

    What do you think the scarcest print is? My guess is Citta, because there may be a ton of it out there, but not a lot of it is for sale. People don't let go of their Citta-- at least that's how it seems to me. Although people love their Tan PG too...
  2. I think the Rarest Print is Tan Playground and Citta. You rarely see them on eBay, but if you do the prices are VERY EXPENSIVE!

    As far as bag style, I would say it would be the Mamma (smaller version of the Mamma Mia) and the Angioletto.
  3. Mammas are rare! I've actually seen Angiolettos on ebay and LJ and whatnot. I'd love to see pix of anybody's Carmellinas, btw, so I can be assured of their real-world existence.

    Thinking about Citta makes me regret not snapping some up when I had the chance. Last year at this time Urban Outfitters had all its Citta on clearance... sigh. I also saw a Citta Trenino at Loehmann's fairly recently. Still, it is pricey on ebay. I've never seen Tan PG in real life at all.
  4. I've seen Caramellinas a few times. There were actually 2 on eBay this morning. One is still up. I own a Black Camo Caramellina and they are nice for small items and cosmetics.


    I agree with DJR that Mammas are probably the rarest style and Tan Playground is the rarest print. So I guess my choice for overall rarest bag is the Tan PG Mamma. :lol:
  5. Tan playground is definitely rarest print, and rarest style....mamma, cangurino, and angioletto. I think I've maybe seen one of each on eBay in the last 10 months.
  6. I thought the original print with the blue cat or red dog qee are the rarest. I normally see these prints with the normal white bear qee though.
  7. I agree that it is probably the Mamma, then Caramellina and Angioletto. As far as prints I think it's actually Olive Cammo, Tan Playground, and Original Print. That said I have a Tan Playground Mamma and an OP Black Mamma and Caramellina.
  8. What do those prints look like? Can they be found on the tokidoki blog?
  9. The Mamma, Caramellina and Angioletto are bag styles (not prints). They are all included in the tokidoki bag archive on my blog.

    I agree that those bag styles are the most rare, and I think that the rarest prints are Playground and OP with original hardware + Dalek/Meomi qees.
  10. Thanks for the pix of the Caramellina! So cute!

    It's weird how the Bella Bella is not as rare as the Mamma, Caramellina and Angioletto. Bella Bella was slightly more popular, I guess, but not so popular that LSS didn't discontinue the style. You definitely see many more Bella Bellas for re-sale than any other discontinued Toki bags.

    lambfashionista: I guess the only reason I don't perceive Original Print as being that rare is because of the Euro Exclusive release... remember SH outlet had that print up until last month...
  11. True, but I still think that OP with the colored hardware and Dalek/Meomi qees is one of the rarest finds (as opposed to the silver hardware/white qee re-release).
  12. I definitely think that getting OP with Dalek or Meomi intact is close to impossible!
  13. Who knew! I know I wish I had two Springs ago when I found mine by fluke... I found my Bella Bella along with two others at Macy's (whom didn't even carry Tokidoki), all with the green hardware and Meomi qees, for only $74!! I tried to be gentle with it over the years, but my poor Meomi has several chips on his paint job by now. :*( For some reason that style bag just seems/ed easier to bang the poor qee and chain on things. I still love it, but I wish my Meomi was in better health. :sad:
  14. ebay item 160197620070 Original Print Angioletto going for $124.50 and 5+ hrs left. Crazy!
  15. i remember seeing both cammo prints at the woodbury commons lesportsac outlet. i didn't buy any because i just didn't like those particular prints. oh well!!!!

    anybody else get the email about the gift for vlad? the idea seems totally ridiculous to me. sorry for the off-topic post, but i was afraid to start a new thread. i'll probably get kicked out for this post!!!