Rare,Old Balenciaga Bags: 03 Olive Green

  1. Hi Ladies. I'm starting this thread because I was asked to post photos of my 03 olive green weekender.

    My obsession with Balenciaga started since when I got my very first Balenciaga in 02(second production, square hardware) and since then, I've never looked back....... I've been extremely loyal to Balenciaga clothes and bags. My never-dying love for Nicholas Ghesquiere's creation keeps growing...even after 4 years! I just keep wanting more:P

    Though I like other designers as well (namely Ann Demeulemeester, Consuello for Marni, and Rick Owens), Nicholas for Balenciaga is in a different league, don't you think???

    Anyways, I have about 15 Balenciaga bags(about 5 of which are non-motorcycle bags) and the collection keeps growing.....:lol:
    Well, actually, there's this particular style I'm after at the moment....from his past 04 SS collection.

    Ladies, share your treasured Balenciaga with us....!!!!
    IMG_0319.jpg IMG_0320.jpg IMG_0321.jpg IMG_0322.jpg IMG_0324.jpg IMG_0325.jpg
  2. So glad you are here with us and thanks so much for sharing!!!! It's gorgeous!!! Please share more of your bags with us!!!
  3. That is a gorgeous bag, I have a special fondness for the older bags. I also would love to see your entire collection!
  4. beautiful bag, tooshies! would love to see more of your bags!!
  5. so beautiful!
  6. Love it!!! The color, the hardware and most of all, the leather. IMO, what is so great about the old bags is the variations in the leather as well as the fact that the color looks so natural.

    Please post some more! I would love to see bags and clothes.
  7. I was going to PM you, but I am so happy to see you have decided to post photos! This is gorgeous, I love it!

    I also have an undying love for Balenciaga (bags and clothes!) --- post the rest of your collection, I would love to see :love:

    welcome! and thank you so much for sharing :love:
  8. Oh, tooshies... drooooooool ('scuse me). That is incredibly gorgeous. Everything chi said. Me speechless.
  9. Oh how did I miss this thread?

    Gorgeous bag....I wanna see much much more from you young lady! <g>

    bags clothes...bring em on!
  10. gorgeous tooshies!! I'm so glad you shared this gorgeous bag with us! lalalalalalalala LOVE it! :love:

    I've never seen this color before- it's gorgeous! a true olive! yummm
  11. Amazing bag!!! Thanks for sharing, tooshies.
  12. yummy, thanks for sharing tooshies, i just :heart: weekenders & yours has aged sooooooooooooooooo beautifully :love:
  13. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh wonderful bag...keep posting those pics
  14. Yes, I'm sure we'd all love to see more! That is a very good-looking bag, tooshies!
  15. Wow...I didn't quite expect responses like these!!!

    Yes, I love my babies:love: Sometimes, I just take them out in the middle of a night and just pet them....(I know, I know, it's weird...)

    Unfortunately, I don't have all of my collection with me, as I'm temporarily living in Sydney, but I can post up some of the stuff I brought with me in the next few days:smile:

    Do any of you guys have old Balenciaga bags you want to share with us???