rare finds

  1. which colors, leathers, color combos ...etc are the hardest to come by? I am always wondering if I pass on something if I will ever be able to find it again. Does anyone know which H items you should not pass on?

    Obviously most of this is subjective but I would love to know what you ladies would not be able to say no to.
  2. Barenia!!
  3. Simple as it sounds, any perfect black Birkin or black Kelly. Although not uncommon, they're the ones that always sell in a flash, especially in box or togo. Other bags, even popular browns may sit for a day or so, but blink and black is gone. If u see it, grab it.
  4. Barenia and Vache Naturelle (sp?) seem to be hard to come by.... you don't see Vache Liegee that much either.... or at least I don't.
  5. Even the things that some would tell you are easy to come by - a 31 cm blue jean mou bolide for instance - can involve quite a wait if its not in the store at the moment you decide you want it. A bag is there, and then, its not. All of these bags have some degree of uniqueness - this particular togo birkin may not be exactly like the next "identical" one. So my advice is - if you see something that you like and can see yourself using, ask yourself if you would regret it if you did not buy it and then (1) it was 6 months before you found another one; (2) a year before you found another one; (3) it was discontinued and you never found another one. If the answer is: yes yes and yes - or even no yes and yes - then buy it. Also ask yourself (this is my favorite decision making question by the way): if something else came along that was "better" somehow - color, size, hardware, style, whatever - would regret going with this particular bag. If the answer is yes, then pass.

    I hope this helps.

    I should get a commission for this.
  6. jedimaster, thank you for the great and helpful advice. I'll keep this in mind while I keep saving for my dream Bolide. :smile:

  7. LMAO - I totally agree...on the advice AND the commission!
  8. blue jean croc and barenia bags!
  9. Black Box with Ruthenium! :angel:
  10. Porc leather or Phoque, Seal, and I have been looking for a McPherson, nearly a year and can't find one. It's a bolide with a bottom compartment added on to house shoes. Correct me if I'm wrong......

  11. Yep! Jedi gives the BEST advice:flowers:
  12. A birkin in box or chevre (mysore or coromandel)
  13. Barenia and Vache naturelle it seems. Black box in Birkins.
  14. For me Barenia, I would pay around £2k over the store price, but would not like to pay £4k plus over the asking price.x

  15. Thank you for your kind words, PGN, GrandsFonds and KellyBirkin! Your complements came just at the right time for me - I am in the midst of doing another book proposal (my second book) which will basically be advice (not about buying bags however). I was just thinking, "Who am I to give advice?"

    Fortunately I have a great editor so my books are not rife with mispellings and missing words as my posts on the forum seem to be :smile:

    I guess sometimes I think faster than I type.