RARE 04 Bbags looking for new homes-->a heads up!

  1. I can't list these threads now as I have no digital camera till this evening and pics are required in the Marketplace, but here's a heads up to my fellow bbag lovers :nuts:

    I will be selling my 04 Rose Twiggy which is in basically brand new condition. I would only like to recoup what I paid (which was enough, considering it's a rare color). I have another bag in mind and really need the funds ;) I'm sure you girls can relate lol.

    I also have an 04 Turquoise City. My preference would be to trade for an 04 Lilac City, my *dream* bag. The turquoise is stunningly beautiful and EXTREMELY rare as you all know :idea: but it's a little too bold for my tastes :cry: I may decide to sell it eventually but want to see if anyone has a lilac they are willing to trade first.

    Both of these threads, together with pictures, will be on the Marketplace this evening.

    So that's it! If anyone has any questions, please PM me. Thanks girls :love: :nuts: :amuse: :biggrin:
  2. Wow! What happened?!?!?! :sad: I'm sad for you!
  3. Mimi - the city seems to fit me better - your rose city is also my dream!! As for the turquoise, I don't think I can carry off the color. I am more of a pink/purple person and thought I'd be ok with blue, but alas...

    It's ok, I'm not sad! I know I can get colors that work better for me once these awesome ones are sold/traded. They will all go to loving homes I'm sure!
  4. I'm very interested in your turquoise city. I pm'd you. please consider selling :smile::smile:
  5. I PMed you about the turquoise - looking forward to your listings tonight :nuts:
  6. aw twinkle, I understand - goodluck with the sales, I'm sure you will have no problem selling ;)
  7. good luck with the sales.. im just itchy all over to see the pics! LOL!
  8. I just posted the Twiggy! Interested lol?!?
  9. I am really interested in your 04 turquoise city !!!!!!
  10. Just an update - I got everyone's PMs about the turquoise city. I am hanging on to it right now to see if I can get a trade for an 04 Lilac City. I'll let everyone know if I decide to let it go.

    I am however selling my Rose Twiggy for sure- it's in the Marketplace right now.

    Thanks girls!
  11. Good luck with the sale, Twinklette :biggrin:
  12. Ohh .... please PM me the price for the 04 Lilac city please ;)
  13. Sorry sorry sorry ... I was too fast !!! I just saw you also "search" a Lilac city ??! Sorry again !:shame: