Rapper Tyga & Blac Chyna

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    Who is Kim Kardashian’s New BFF, Blac Chyna? 5 Things to Know


    1. She’s also engaged to a rapper.

    Blac Chyna met Young Money rapper Tyga back in October 2011 and started dating him shortly thereafter. The former stripper even stars as the love interest in the video for his mega-hit “Rack City.” The two announced their engagement the following year.

    2. She’s a mom, just like Kim!

    Tyga and Chyna welcomed their first child, son King Cairo Stevenson, on October 16, 2012. The couple both got tattoos to commemorate their son’s birth.

    3. She’s a Calabasas resident.

    After baby King was born, Tyga and Chyna moved into a luxe mansion, purchased for a cool $6.5 million, in the Kardashians’ stomping grounds.

    4. She’s Amanda Bynes’ style mentor.

    Remember when Amanda Bynes bought all of those wigs and pierced her face? That was all an attempt to look as lovely as Chyna, according to the troubled starlet.

    5. She’s a social media star.

    Between her 1.3 million Instagram followers, her 180,000 Twitter devotees, and the droves who turn out to check out the bootylicious pics she posts on her website, Chyna, much like her pal Kim, knows a thing or two about the art of a well-placed selfie.



    Tyga+Arrivals+American+Music+Awards+Part+3+BZTD3KVbL64x.jpg Tyga+Tyga+Girlfriend+Enjoy+Late+Night+Out+XvUoM8v1rizx.jpg Tyga+2013+BET+Experience+106+Park+Live+Presented+JLHD6i1dhA_x.jpg Tyga+Rapper+Tyga+Blac+Chyna+After+Rihanna+qkcPInXDw3yx.jpg
  2. I love Blac Chyna. Idk why. Especially her hood glam sort of aesthetic. Oh and she's a really nice person.
  3. They forgot some important things as headings

    1. She is a skrippa so can show Kim some moves!

    2. She has booty shots like Kim!
  4. She's gorgeous without makeup

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  6. Her face is really pretty.
  7. [​IMG]

    "Getting my nails done while he drive around lol !!! Super spoiled."

    "King playing while mommy is getting pampered."

    “Nails with @kyliejenner @queenpee @dr_bobina @cecynguyen from@laquenailbar thanks muah !!”



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  8. Her nails are not cute. It looks like globs of glue outlining her nails.
  9. I'm not here for her but I am here for King C. He's adorable
  10. Her natural hair is nice
  11. She has a real dolly face -- the bangs are distracting!
  12. I'm sure the nail techs were super stoked to have a little kid driving around the salon in a car. :lol:
  13. lol- thats what I was thinking. She has her son drive around the salon in his little car? :nogood:
  14. I agree. No need for those bangs or red hair.
  15. Muahhhh ….. @kingcairo #disneyland


    Santa and I choppin it up !!! #DisneyLand


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