Rant/Opinions needed!

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  1. Okay...this is totally irritating! I got a new phone last week and today one of my friends gets the EXACT SAME EFFIN ONE! This is not the first time she has copied or tried to copy though. Another friend who knows her said that its happened to her as well...by the same person. Anyhow, I was thinking that I could have the same damn phone as this person or I could just get a new one. What do you guys think of this?


    Not tooo much of a Juicy fan, but I loveeee pink. Does anyone have a sidekick and can tell me about it? This is supposed to be the same as the regular one, but just pink :smile: Thanks!
  2. I think this one could be hacked. I think the one Paris Hilton had was hacked by somebody.
    If you like pine, what do you think of this one....

    panasonic vs2.jpg



    As far as the copy cat goes, just remind yourself that you have good taste that's why she's copying you.:toung:
  3. "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery."

    I'm not a big fan of the sidekicks, I'd suggest the limited edition Motorola pink Razr, it's so cute and so thin !

  4. ^^^they aren't available here yet!
  5. Yeah, that stuff about flattery is true, but sooo irritating as well!
  6. I've got the silver razor, excellent reception.

    check out this forum as they do private buy and sell.
  7. There's a pink one?! :love: Of course I have to have service with Sprint, which the Razr isn't available for :suspiciou
  8. Well, if Sprint uses GSM protocol (e.g. sim card), you could just buy an unlocked phone from anywhere in the world (provided that it has the right band, usually new phones are triband and thus called 'world phones' and are designed to be moved around), pop your sim card in and it'll work ! :smile:

    My brother actually bought his Nokia from HOFO, it's awesome !
  9. Noriko -

    Regardless of which wireless device you get, there is always a possibility of it getting hacked. I have a Blackberry and I like but, but I think the Sidekicks are much better. Just make sure you don't send and sensitive information while you are surfing the net on it.
  10. I have a cousin JUST LIKE THAT!!! This fool has changed majors I dunno how many times because of copying different family members including me.
  11. I LOVE MY SIDEKICK. When I'm out and bored, waiting on something/someone, I can jump on AIM or Yahoo! and chat w/friends. Plus the Rock/Rocket game is addicting. Now the Sidekicks have the new Java update where you can surf more websites that use the Java.

    But I know how you feel about the copying...when I was in college I had a roommate that did that. I bought a pair of sandals, and she got the same ones (but she ended up buying a size too small because they didn't have her size in stock, but she had to be like me.) Then I started dating this basketball player, and she tried to get with his brother. Not to mention using same kinds of lotions I had that she never used, purses, etc...I could go on and on.
  12. copycays could be such a PIA ..........

    that sidekickis cute
  13. Anyone can copy my stuff - I think it's a great compliment to my sense of style.

    I've got a Motorola 330 GSM - It is a great phone. Recently I called home (Miami) from Buenos Aires and the connection was like it was across the street - we have to remember that the reception and clarity all have to do with the provider who in my case is T-Mobile and they couldn't be better. I have heard from other phone owners that Verizon is also good and Cingular sucks (which I can verify).
  14. The Juicy Sidekick is $100 more than the regular Sidekick - now with purses that might not be an issue, but you could buy a more advanced phone/PDA for $100 more.
  15. Glad to see that people understand how much copying SUCKS :lol: People are telling me to call her on it but I dont even know if she knows that she is doing it or not. She'll probably just deny it anyway. I even asked one of our other friends and they said she did it to them too. Its like wtf!:Push: