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    "Where the hell is my bag?!?!"

    ok background first I got a Love PM tote, I bought it the same day I put my corsaire in for repair (but sadly unrepaireable as you know) so I had to use the love straight away before leaving I noticed a mark on the back so it was afreed with my store that I could take it awa yand return it when the new one's came in for a clean one.

    ok so no problem there now I just need the new bag delivered to me, tuesday missed the delivery, wednesday missed it called UPS to see what happens now.
    they said there'd be another attempt the next day (today) so far nothing so I called UPS again and they said it's been delivered to number 23a I live in 46 and they are all houses (so I don't know where the a fits in)
    so where the hell is 23 & my bag :crybaby:

    feel free to add your own Rant of the day whenever you want
  2. ^ That sucks!! I hate it when i miss parcelforce, because you have to and pick your parcel up from some industrial estate miles away!

    What happened with your corsaire? Is it ruined? xx
  3. oh yeah you where on holiday I'll find the thread for you hold on......
  4. Oh, my rant is, I am still having problems with my neck from my car accident. The other womans insurance has still not paid up, so I still have not got my £400 excess back, and im on stupid declophenic tablets that do not work and the doctors still won't send me to a physio!:cursing:
  5. UPS did that to me once, delivered IMPORTANT medical supplies to a completely different address!!! Sorry this happened to you.
  6. OMG Claire, as if that happened to your Corsaire!! Such a gorgeous bag too!
    But your new loot is gorgeous!! The Marilyn shoes are too pretty and I love the jewelry holder!!
    Good choice to get lots of things! xx

    Yeh I know, its the same stupid doctor who just sits there and nods her head! And the insurance people! I have had to sign a letter saying I will have o go to court to get my money back! Its crazy and Im doing uni re-sits too, purely because of the accident in the first place and I couldn't revise!
    So yep, everythings great in my life at the moment! lol xx
  7. OK you've got me started now. Me & my partner are have serious reationship problems & two weeks ago during an arguement I punched him (yes I know violence doesn't solve anything!) anyway it hurt but I left it and it now turns out that I've broken my hand. Because I left it so long before going to the hospital the bone has already started healing in the wrong position and it looks like it will need to be rebroken and put right again. Noooooooooooooooo!

    As a result of this he has started going out and spending money like it's going out of fashion, new phone clothes & motorbike!!!

    My point is that my car insurance is due and because he's being such an arse I've got to pay for it instead of getting the new Suhali Zippy that I wanted. Thanks for listening I feel better now.
  8. Ok I'm going hunting for 23 and my bag keep your fingers croosed for me
  9. ^ Ok i got it I just noticed my street has the weirdest numbering for the houses and 23 was a couple of doors down on the other side anyway thankfully that worked out well
  10. were you able to get it? Did the people in 23 take your bag?
  11. I want to know too? Did you get your bag? I hope so!
  12. Label Addict- did you get your parcel? I'm on pins and needles here!:confused1:

    - My rant, though very petty, is that a woman bought a cheap coin purse from me on eBay (to the tune of $3.27) and then complained that it looked "store worn". What does that mean? It looked really nice when I sent it her way. It was a very pretty beaded martini shaped coin purse. If she sends it back I am keeping it. :p

    I offered a refund but haven't you all noticed that the less something sells for on eBay the more someone complains about it?!?!? Just a thought. :cursing:
  13. I like this thread......ok, heres mine
    This morning i hit my toe on the foot of my daughters bed as i was walking out of her room:cursing:. An hour later its swollen & I cant walk, so I go to the E.R. with my helper (yes, its very common here in the philippines to have a maid/helper) so she can help me walk, etc....Well, I give her my BH and she waits in the waiting area. So after xrays, bandaging up, etc. I get wheeled out and she gives me my BH. I instantly notice 3 dark smudge marks on the lower part of the handles, near where it attaches to the bag:cursing::wtf::cursing: Well, I didnt bother asking her what had happened, or what she did...figured it would be pointless anyway. Plus I was still in so much pain. So my BH and I are home, Im in pain & she's not so pretty anymore...I dunno what hurts me more, my toe or the damage to my BH:crybaby:
  14. Thanks guys yes I got it, when the guy gave it to me he said " I hope it's good"....oh it is, it is!!!!!!!!

    Rica oh your poor toe & BH maybe babywipes will help