Ramona vs Radiant

  1. I was in San Francisco this weekend and admiring the Ramona at Neiman Marcus and Saks. I popped into Bloomie's and noticed they had a JC boutique. They were having a 30% sale but I didn't see anything I liked. The SA pointed out another section and said those bags were also on sale.

    I'm a JC virgin and picked up a bag I thought was the Ramona. I caved in and bought it (who can resist a 30% sale!!). When I got home and started looking at all the different pictures, I realized I bought the Radiant. I do like it but like the subtle differences of the Ramona more.

    It's a final sale so of course I'll be keeping it. But between feeling guilty on spending sooo much on it and it not being the Ramona I've been feeling a little disappointed. Am I crazy? Too picky?
  2. The bag is really a final sale? Can't you exchange it if possible? It sounds like you are disappointed with it, and if you are at all like me, you will probably end up regretting it. Please let us know what you decide to do.
  3. She wrote Final Sale on it and since I've been using it, I'll keep it. I do like it except with I see pics of the
    Ramona and I see little things that I like.

    Besides, the Ramona wasn't on sale and I'm not sure I love it so much to pay the extra $500!
  4. I bet it gorgeous..post pics!
  5. Congrats
    I love the radiant.... i have one myself....
  6. I LOVE the Radiant - post pics!
    Congrats and great deal!
  7. I thought I was the only person on earth who was Ramona/Radiant challenged! :p Both bags are absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!!
  8. I've never seen the Radiant in person but love it in the photos - can you post a photo with it or does anyone else have one?
  9. Here is mine...

  10. Thanks for posting the photos - it looks great on you! I love the color.
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments. Here's a pic of my Radiant.
    2007-06-30 001.JPG
  12. jello - your bag is stunning!
    Beautiful bag - enjoy!
  13. Jello - I love your bag!