1. im going to the mall today, and i was thinking about whether or not i want the coach sig rainboots or a new pair of uggs..... i have 4 pairs of ugg boots, but only 2 pairs of coach tennies.... what do you think? plus, if the stores are anything like the website, UGG has nothing(sizewise). lol. let me know what you think, i will be leaving in like an hour
  2. I love my Uggs, but am lusting after Burberry Rainboots, or the little rain shoes...I do like the Coach rain boots too! Since you have 4 pair of Uggs already, go for the rainboots! Plus, you are right...Uggs are sold out everywhere! I've looked at every store website that I can think of (Nordies, NM, Saks, Ugg.com, Zappos, Bloomies etc) and they are backordered til March at least! Go for the rainboots!
  3. ^^^^ i know, each UGG style is available in like one size right now, and its usually like size 11. oooh, i forgot about the burberry rainboots... lol. i really want a pair of those too. hmmmm, im going to have some decisions to make
  4. I would def go for the rainboots. I have just regular rainboots but they are definitely worth having in the rain because there is nothing worse than having your feet wet and having to be somewhere when your feet are all wet. AND if you can look cute in the process why not !
  5. Go for the rainboots for sure. I have a pair of Burberry rainboots and I LOVE them. I look forward to the rain just so I can wear them.
  6. OOHHHH??? What site have you seen 11's available? I've been searching with no luck and that just happens to be my size.
  7. ^^^ i think i saw 11's on the ugg website and Nordies.

    but, im going to philly for school and im not sure how practical rainboots will be and if i should get uggs to stay warm
  8. I will check those sites again..Thank you.
  9. so i didnt make it up to the mall today:sad: i was driving to the mall, by myself because my friends had work and so did my parents. anyways, i was halfway to one of the closest decent malls... the one where i live is awful. anyways, the drive is a little over 1 1/2 hours one way....i hear this sound that doesnt sound good. so im like, maybe if i keep driving it will be okay, but then i start to kind of lose control, so im like, alright i'll pukk over. i get out to find that MY TIRE WENT FLAT!!!!! ahhhh. so there i am this dumb 19 year old. lol. ive never changed a tire and dont plan on it. im on my phone calling my brother, and im like, should i call roadside assistance? in the meantime im waving for a car to pull over.... people are such meanies. no one stopped for like ever. then this hot guy pulls over and asks whats going on, so i show him my tire and hes like, im guessing you dont know how to change it.... so he does everything, it was FREEZING outside so he tells me to go back and sit in my car while he changes it. he was so cute. anyways, i guess i'll either go next week or something cause my parents have to get new tires for my car now:sad: