Rain vs. Hermes bags

  1. Dumb question of the day.

    Why is it that Hermes bags are so rain averse? Why can't something be done to them so that they can be used during inclement weather. After all, they do come from France, a country that does have rain and snow. Please enlighten me.

    Sorry if this is an ignorant question.
  2. Well, they do come with those dashing raincoats....
  3. Togo is not rain averse.
    I have traveled 10 blocks in pouring rain, and stopped off to a coffee house to grab some napkins and dab.
    No problem whatsoever!
    She actually got a nice looking bath.
    Just as long as you wipe it off within a reasonable time period.
  4. :yes::yes:
  5. I think it is a good question! We get between 150 and 200 inches here sometimes, and I really cant be too precious with my bags...or my hair, LOL!!
  6. BTW your question is not dumb but curious!
  7. I think the answer is - its because they cost so much! ha ha.

    It's human nature to be careful with something that costs a lot or is precious to you. Some leathers like boxcalf, vache natural etc are more sensitive and do show some side effects of having prolonged water droplets on their surfaces... although chevre, togo, clemence are usually quite ok (especially if you wipe off the moisture in due course)
  8. i have had no problems in the rain with my togo and box birkins. but can't say the same thing with ostrich! OMG...i had a lil' water drip on her and IT HAS STAINED!!!! aaaahhhhh!!!!
  9. I've had water splash on Ms B, and I had napkins in my hand so quick you would have thought I walked around carrying them!:rolleyes: But I wiped her off quick, no problem. TG!
  10. NO! I thought that I read here at tPF that ostrich was good in the rain! I was considering one just because of that, besides its beauty. Anyone know about this?
    I spilled my starbucks all over my togo birkin last week, but had napkins at hand. No damage.
  11. .....I seem to be the only batty person who drapes a raincoat over her togo...
  12. You are not batty - you are just making sure that your bags are well dressed! LOL!

    So far, the only bags I won't take out in the rain are my box Kelly and chamonix Constance. My togo, clemence, epsom and chevre bags have all been rained on and made it through with no visible ill effects. Not that I want to make a habit of it but I usually can't even remember to carry my own raincoat!
  13. i think it depends on the leather and who you talk to.
    i have no reservations about carrying my clemence shoulder bag in the rain.
  14. Rose, I do it too, when I have to. I take a Kelly everywhere unless it's really pouring buckets. My rainkit is always inside the bag ready to go. One day, I really got saved. It was the most unexpected storm ever. When we left home it was beautiful and sunny, and when we left the restaurant it was pouring so hard we could barely see anything. I had no umbrella, no plastic bag, nothing. All I had was the rain kit, and it really worked.
  15. I did the rainkit once in an unexpected downpour (and also when I first got my Birkin) and it worked very well. Fast forward to years later, and unless it's pouring rain, my Togo and Fjords I don't worry about.

    PBC...so sorry to hear about your ostrich. I've been hearing conflicting reports about ostrich in the rain. Here on the forum, people say it's fine, but then when I asked a craftsperson about it they said absolutely not (along with box)!