Rain Boots! Help Me Choose.

  1. I LOVED The light pink ones as well!!! I like the back and white ones, and the classic Burberry boots as well. You can not go wrong with either one as I think they are both adorable!! Think about what you wear and what would work best!
  2. [​IMG]

    If I were to choose, i would have to say go with #3
  3. ^^ #3 for me as well....it's classic!
  4. Saks also has these:
  5. Novacheck.... definetly
  6. Novacheck.
  7. Novacheck -- the 3rd pair!
  8. These are my faves! :love:
  9. [​IMG]

    But of the 3 I like this one

  10. I like these too!
  11. I found a pair of the Candy Cane ones a few months ago at Saks.com. They were REALLY cheap. I am pretty sure they were $40.00. Last time I went to Vegas I stopped at the outlet in Primm on my way and they had a few pairs there. They were also pretty cheap there. I think they were around $50.00. They are SO comfortable I wish I could wear them everyday. I was originally going to buy the Nova Check like the ones you are looking at but I did not realize until I tried them on that one of my calves must be bigger than the other one making them was too tight around the leather trim. The Candy Cane ones I have are much shorter. Now I just need a Candy Cane scarf to match :yes:.
  12. #3 for me. I also really like the ones that Saks carries. Really nice.
  13. Number 3 are supercute! :yes:
  14. i have the novachecks and they're adorable!!

    NOTE, if you have a bit of a calve, i wouldnt do it... or i would try them first -i would say that i'm pretty average build, 5'6 & 135 lbs and a size 28 jean and theyre a bit snug on my lower leg, i cant tuck my skinny jeans into them, they're that tight -so if you're looking for more of a true rain boot/gollash (did i spell that right??) fit, this specific shoe isnt it

    BUT, if the fit's right... they're adorable -the bonus of having the basic nova check is that it's SOOO easy to be cute and match w/ anything else of the same color family (i like to wear it w/ my cashmere check scarf, or w/ my trench, which has the check on the inner lining)

    good luck... either way, they're all good choices :]