Ragdoll cats - info please :)

  1. Hello there everybody. Just wondered if anybody could give me some helpful info on the gorgeous ragdoll breed. I have read alot about them, about their placid, calm temperament. But would love to know of any first hand experience, and what their coat is like etc. We have a british blue shorthair and have been offered this gorgeous little boy in the picture :nuts: . I just want to find out as much as possible about maintenance etc before I go ahead and say yes. We also have a persian, and she is a complete nightmare to keep looking nice, so just wondered if it was a similar coat or if it was slightly easier ;)

  2. The Ragdoll coat is slightly easier than a Persian but not much. I had to have my Ragdoll groomed once a year to get any mats off him. Any long haired cat is going to be harder to groom than a short haired one. Right now I have 4 Maine Coon cats and they have got the be the sweetest cats I have ever had. All 4 of the are lap cats and just love their people. They also get along great with my 5 other rescue cats. Look into Maine Coons if you are considering a Ragdoll. Here is where I got my Maine Coons:

    Pennsylvania Maine Coon Kittens Pennsylvania Oriental kitten Pennsylvania Cat Breeder Pennsylvania Cats Pennsylvania Cat Breeders

    And here is when I got my Ragdoll:


    They are both great cats.
  3. I don't have a ragdoll, but I know people who has and have had ragdolls and ragdoll mixes, and they make exellent pets with a good temper and personality. It's on my list if I ever decide to get a purebred cat of some kind.
    By the way, that kitten is sooooo gorgeous! I miss having a kitten :love:
  4. I've had my Rag for almost 3 yrs and she's never had a matt in her coat.I do give her a brushing weekly as the coat tends to shed a bit,but I'd say the maintenance is on a lower scale overall.

    Now go get that fabulous little flame pointed guy.:smile:

  5. he he, ok! but only cause you told me too ;)

    She is calling me tonight, he is a big boy apparantly for nine weeks (I know the boys are bigger than the girls with this breed), and she thinks he is developed enough to go this week :nuts: . So its all moving quite fast. Will keep you updated later :yes:
  6. Sooo cute!! Keep us updated on this little cutie.
  7. :sad: search still continuing. The breeder has decided to keep hold of this boy for breeding :cursing: . I have to just think that this little boy was not meant to be and an even better one will come along soon :yes:

    Not sure how easy it is to find the Ragdoll in the states, but is quite difficult over here :sad: Will keep you posted though on any I find ;)
  8. My cat that recently passed away was a Ragdoll. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:I spent all the money I could, gave it 24 hours of attention but unfortunately he died from somethign which there is no cure.:crybaby::crybaby:To the very end, he kept purring despite how weak he had become .

    It was the sweet thing, it would follow everyone from room to room, it liked to lick/kitty kiss everyoe unless you ate garlic; greet everyone at the door, made melodic meows, played fetch, and was the easiet cat I've ever had.

    As far as the coat, they are super-soft, low-shed, double coated so water proof, feels like rabbit fur and really easy to take care of, unlike the Himalayans/Persians.