Rag & Bone Newbury booties : Black or Dark Brown?

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Which ones?

  1. Black

  2. Dark Brown

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ladies!

    Aren't these lovely? :heart::love::heart:

    These would my priciest boots to date, so i need your help on this! :P

    I would need them to be as versatile as possible, season-wise AND clothing-wise.

    Dark brown would be easier to transition from spring/fall - winter, can wear bare legged with skirts and not look too severe.

    Black is well, black. can wear underneath slacks for more formal occasions, and if worn with black tights would elongate the legs.



  2. dark brown b/c it's looks better on this short boots style imo. i'm sure you have other shoes in black that can be worn for more formal occasions.
  3. I think these are great. I actually bought them myself in Ivory Nubuck! I think the Brown sort of goes with this style, but you can't go wrong with either color.
  4. Thanks ladies!! I think I'm leaning towards brown... I'm thinking it will age better and I love that vintagey beat up look! :biggrin:
  5. Ohmygoodness! These must look incredible in ivory! :biggrin: did u find them comfy and worth the splurge?
  6. Yes, they are so pretty and super comfy. I have trouble figuring out what to wear them with though. They look great with dresses and no tights, but it's been raining so much in NY this month that I might miss my opportunity before it's too cold!

    I'll post a pic of them.

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    The color is not showing up well because of the low light.



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  8. Of the two, the dark brown is a pinch better.
  9. the dark brown looks richer too me. It seems to have more tone and substance.
  10. Dark brown looks better for me.
  11. brown :yes:

  12. :nuts: Those are BEAUTIFUL!! what a perfect shade of cream... its incredibly rare that u come accross something in white that doesn't come off as somewhat.. cheap. These are just spectacular! :heart: Thanks SO much for sharing! :biggrin:
  13. PS Thanks for the votes ladies!! i ended up with the dark browns :love::yahoo: and i've been wearing them for a week straight now. They are SO comfortable!! INCREDIBLY comfortable! I think these are officially my favourite shoes to date. To anyone who's thinking about getting these... GET THEM!!! i hmmmd and aahhd over them for so long and i'm so glad i took the plunge. They are worth every cent! I took them to my shoe cobbler to get them resoled (rubber soles with threads for longer life) and even he was impressed by how well made these are.

  14. Thanks! I really love them and yes the color is really rich.