Rachel Bilson's Blue Chanel Bag

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  1. hi all,

    i was looking at these pictures of rachel bilson's blue chanel bag and i absolutely love it!

    does anyone know the style or the name or the price???

    any help would be greatly appreciated! :flowers:

  2. ow its very2 nice but very expensive i asked before at chanel boutique and its more than us$4000
  3. it's from cruise if i remember correctly. yes, it is very expensive and it's in fabric with shiny pailettes sewn all over. i am afraid the bag might be extremely delicate and also, they look like they'll hook onto delicate fabrics.
  4. NM has it
  5. yes yes its from cruise collection, i tried it on and touched it already and you are right its very delicate, personally i love it...but for the price.. no no no
  6. thank you all for the info!
  7. I was thinking it was the puzzle pieces bag, but you girls are right, it does look kind of llike sewed on pailettes.
  8. wow so ex and for fabric too! but oh so pretty and in a fav colour too, I must add.
  9. it's nice but the price tag is like errrrr......:smile:
  10. love the color:drool:
  11. It looks amazing though
  12. Very cute bag, but looks too delicate. Is that picture from yesterday on Regis and Kelly, because that looks like the outift she was wearing....
  13. it looks great, but waaay too expensive for me!