Rachel Bilson @ Regis and Kelly Show in NYC 11.02.2008

  1. she's so cute.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Looking cute as always!
  3. she looks pretty! I like her
  4. Love her!!!
  5. i love her look! so fresh and refined
  6. What a pretty, pretty girl she is!
  7. patent leather gloves? i can just imagine what they feel and sound like when you rub them together.

    like her bag...only because its from Chanel
  8. She's so pretty! I think she always looks great.
  9. so pretty. and seems so normal for a Hollywood girl.
  10. ^ i agree, that's what i like about her.
  11. shes sooo pretty!!!
  12. she looks so pretty!
  13. I love her. She's so cute!
  14. She looks lovely. She has a great hair and I really like her coat.
  15. What an adorable woman ... I love how much she loves Chanel, too!