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  1. We live in the country and enjoy all types of animals that live in the woods out here in Texas. Here are a couple of raccoons hanging out in a huge tree. I love them.
  2. they're so cute esp with babies but can be dangerous. I like watching them through the window :smile:
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  3. Yes, well we sorta infiltrated ourselves into the lives of all this wildlife out here. May have messed up nature a little bit. Haha. They don’t know anything BUT knowing and liking us. New babies come and go every year. During the drought of 2011 we helped them survive by providing a community swimming pool. :giggle:
    This is my buddy Ray coming to visit me at the door of my stained glass shop/studio. Oh, but we never touch, just look.
  4. OMG
    so cute!
    a lot of people are afraid of them but yours seem to adorable
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  5. they're so cute! have never seen them lounging around like that before.
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  6. Ray lounging flat on his belly on my shop porch watching a bunny in the front yard. It was hot so he liked to cool off on my porch.

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    Very surprising for someone in the country to consider raccoons a positive in one's environment...I'm guessing you aren't engaged in ag activities. Here, where people have farms and tend to crops and animals, raccoons are mostly considered, correctly, as destructive disease carriers. They pose risks to pets and humans with zoonotic disease and aggression, invade and ruin buildings and stored crops, etc.--no welcome mat.

    Wildlife is great, but it's really wildlife, not domesticated. Their natural activities can be a mixed bag in impact on people, pets, and other creatures.
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    Yep, EXTREMELY engaged in AG activities, so you would be “guessing” incorrectly. We raise registered brahman cattle, which we sell calves from to local FFA and 4H kids as show animals. We have several hay fields and 50+ acres of wooded land that is a protected wildlife area. Some of the wildlife (raccoons) become alot more entwined in our lives than the other kinds of creatures out here. We have learned in our 25 years of living in this forest how to co-exist with all the wildlife that live here and which ones to distance ourselves, our grand children and our pets from. No neighborhood here. We live in the boonies, so no reason for your worries, really, unless you live in the house or have property next door to us which is about 15 miles West. :no: But thank you for your concern, we are good! :tup:
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  9. Fascinating that with your lifestyle you're a raccoon fan. Very unlike the folks in ag counties where we live. We have to do a lot of coexisting too.
  10. Yes, it is just a way if life we have had all of our lives, so working for us. They know their spaces and we know ours. Now these, by the 100’s out here worry us a little more than the raccoons. But we let them be too. They’ve lived here longer than us and we respect them. Although both the coyotes and bobcats did help themselves to our chickens. No more chickens for us. :shocked:
    3 bobcat kittens
  11. I hear that. We have seven (!) active coyote dens in the immediate environment. Only once did they get into my lambs but it was terrible. Of course. Our wildlife people just encourage figuring how to get along. Luckily, we have a batch of Great Pyrs at the neighbors nearby, and they sort of take command of the area.

    Wow that bobcat pic is amazing! Not seen around here, although they're probably out there.
  12. there are lots of coyotes in san diego county.....we've seen them multiple times in broad daylight at our suburban home. One time DH witnessed one chase one of our cats up a tree.
    A few months ago we moved to a larger property - over an acre - with vacant land right next to us. I haven't seen or heard any yet I'm sure they're out there but I'm surprised I haven't heard them yipping at night
  13. Oh I am so sorry about your lambs. That makes me sad. You know there is a reason for every creature on our planet. But still sad. I hope yall enjoy your country life like we do. Could never go back to life in the city, unless to shop. :graucho:
  14. Oh my! Coyotes love cats and chickens :wtf:. Good thing cats can climb trees!
  15. Ok, so I won’t post any more photos after these. Great Horned Owl babies we watched from birth and they watched us back in the forest behind our house. I have a feeling these guy’s Mama may have had a hand in the demise of our chickens too. Everything has to eat, our fault for thinking chickens were a good idea out here. Check out the feet on those babies!