Quilted Multipocket vs. Sienna hobo

  1. I'm looking for a nice hobo, and found both of these two are cute, which one do you think is better?

  2. Hmm.. I like the quilted MP better, it's more classy and sophisticated.

    The Sienna hobo looks a bit more casual to me.
  3. I love the color of the Sienna
  4. sienna, that chain strap can't be comfy.
  5. I like the sienna better.
  6. I agree that the chain strap can't be too comfy if the bag is full of stuff but I still have to vote for that one because it's so classic looking and gorgeous.
  7. The multipocket is stunning. It's a classic and the chain strap makes it so chic.
  8. I vote for the Quilted MP. It looks very classy!
  9. I like the quilted MP but i heard that it was really heavy....
  10. I can't decide...I prefer the MP, but I don't like the chain strap. I think the Sienna would be more comfortable to carry around all day. MP is timeless, though, so I vote MP!
  11. I LOVE the Sienna!
  12. I like hobo but Sienna has a gorgeous color!
  13. Quilted Multipocket def. and that color is gorgeous the black with the gold hardware
  14. i think it depends on what you're going to use it for...i think the MP is gorgeous but for every day i would get the sienna. love the color of the sienna too!!
  15. I think they're both beautiful. But the more practical bag is definitely the Sienna.