Quilted bay~ Which one???

  1. :heart: After looking at everyone's bay bag. I'm in love with it!!! I used to like the moka quilted one, but after seeing the taupe (camel) colour today at my local store... I was like :drool:

    Now, I don't know which colour to choose... :confused1:
    I've never seen a Moka and Ivory colour IRL... are they pretty?

    Moka (dark brown), Taupe (Camel) or Ivory?

    :push: The girl from the store said she don't know if they are going to get the moka one or not, but they will have the ivory later.

    Let's vote, girls!!! :wlae:
  2. I prefer Ivory and Camel but I can't decide between them..:shrugs:
  3. I think the moka is the most beautiful. It is so classic chic but you can also wear it down and the leather is amazing. The ivory is nice too but to me it's more a summer only bag, the moka has more character imho
  4. You lucky girl! I am so envious!

    I don't think you can go wrong with any of these...but I'd go for either camel or Moka, if I were you. Although ivory is great for spring/summer, I'd be so worried about it getting dirty!
  5. I think Moka!
  6. Thanks for everyone's advice! I couldn't decide~ :hysteric:

    I like moka, but I really like the camel as well!!!

    I was keep bla bla bla... all night about this bag to my bf and he is laughing me like :roflmfao:
  7. hmmm, definitely Moka in the quilted, camel in the non quilted.

    I love the moka.. it's almost black but not quite. I plan to get a Moka quilted bay sometime in the faraway future!!! LOL
  8. I have just ordered my camel non quilted bay from matchesfashion.com. I am so excited. For me the camel non quilted is much much nicer than any of the other combinations. I cannot wait for DHL!!! That is my chloe no 2, after my mousse paddington that I bought about 6 months ago. I love that bag too (and the leather just gets better with time) but I wanted something a bit more summery. And after having one chloe bag I couldn't even consider another designer- don't know why, but I'm hooked!
  9. moka is the best, the color is so rich its like chocolate to me..
  10. Camel, camel, camel

    Or ivory, only if you r kid free, pet free, and have a pristine car

    Moka is almost too retro looking to me

    Hope that helps
  11. Thanks everyone!!! I do like the moka very much, but it seems I can't get rid of the camel colour in my head.

    BTW, I don't know where I can get the moka. Any ideas? Online store?
  12. I have both the Ivory and the Moka Quilted Bay's and they are both gorgeous :heart:

    The Ivory is the prettiest I think but I know I will get most use from the Moka - and Moka is a truly gorgeous colour! I love it! :yahoo:

    I haven't seen Camel IRL though............

  13. ^^:drool: I love your bays!!! Is gorgeous!!!

    Where did you get your moka from? I was looking everywhere on the Internet, but they don't have any in moka?
  14. Moka, by far. :yes:

  15. :yes: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I love dark chocolate brown. :biggrin:

    I have a Chloe Continental Wallet in almost exactly the same colour and I use it a lot. :heart: :heart: :heart: