Quick Reveal~ Workhorse Tote & Trendy Sneakers (take a wild guess lol)

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  1. LV holds a very special place in my heart because it was my FIRST EVER luxury handbag ~ after years of exploring other brands, mostly Chanel & Hermes, I have done a full circle and started purchasing some LV items lately. Honestly, its mainly because my friend (an LV fanatic) introduced some AMAZING SA at the Hong Kong Flagship store to me and I love working with them so much!

    Without further ado~ Here are the goodies I got today!


    Fell in love with the On The Go Tote last month and once i realized there are shoulder straps, I preordered it STRAIGHT AWAY! Such an amazing size for travelling, work, and as a mommy bag (I have a 10 month old) and here he is!

    max in bag.jpg

    My SA told me my tote arrived today and ended up getting these Archlight as well!! I purchased black/mono archlight a few months ago and LOVEE them! Tried on this colorway a few weeks ago during their mother's day event and loved them, but couldn't justify 2 pairs of archlight. I went home and thought about them for DAYS so when I went to pick up my OTG tote and my SA told me my size is still available, I knew it was meant to be!!

    Thank you so so much for letting me share!!
  2. Everything is so cute. Enjoy!
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  3. They are both beautiful and so is your baby! Enjoy!
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  4. I love the sneakers... if they came in 43, I would totally buy these! :biggrin:
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  5. Adorable pics! Congratulations, so nice!
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  6. thank you!!
  7. THEY MIGHT!!! You should def go ask!!
  8. thank you so so much!!
  9. Already did! They don’t.
  10. I love your tote especially with your bub in it lol Great choice of bag!
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  11. Love the baby in the tote! Sneakers are cute too :smile:
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  12. Soooooooo cute!
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  13. :sad::sad::sad:
  14. Congratulations! Cute baby!
  15. These pics are adorable! Congrats and enjoy your new goodies!!
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