Quick Reminder: Deadline for Balenciaga Fall RAOK Approaching...

  1. Just wanted a quick reminder posted where everyone would see it!!!! There are only 8 days left to sign up!!!

    We have a really great group so far...about 30 people already!!!! Would love to get a bunch more :smile: I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone during this RAOK!!!!

    Please see the stickied thread for full details & rules! And please PM me with any questions :smile:

  2. Just a little bump for the weekend crowd!!! Only 5 days left to get signed up!!!
    We have 30 people so far.....and a good crowd of European gals participating as well....but we want more more more!!!!!

    See the sticky above...and PM me with any questions :smile:
  3. Just bumping....to remind everyone that there is only 3 days (including today) left to sign up for the Balenciaga RAOK!

    Don't miss out ;)

    We have a great group already.....but could definetly use more European gals as well (so that everyone in Europe will be able to get a European buddy)!

    Let me know if you have any questions....