Quick Question... Need Your Help, Please

  1. Out of the Coach Legacy Stripe collection and the New Bleecker Tattersall collection...
    Which do you think is the prettiest? Which would you pick if you could only go with one or the other?
    Please Vote. Thanks
  2. HELP!!! :hysteric:
  3. I like the Legacy fabric, the colors are awesome. If you are talking about the totes I think the Bleecker is more pretty but the Legacy don't will be dirty so quick (for the color). Both are beautiful! But I think the Bleecker tote (if you want to buy a tote) looks better!
    11481_B4U3-1_d2.jpg 11126_B4MC-1_d2.jpg
  4. I am in LOVE with tattersall- the tote is BIG, though. If you're talking about scarves, pony scarves, or other accessories, I'd pick tattersall over everything. Its not as bright white as it looks, so I wouldn't worry about dirtying it too much. And if you're talking small bags, I have the pouch in tattersall and its so cute for winter!
  5. I'd vote Tattersall, the pattern is versatile. The Legacy seems so summer-only to me? It just screams BEACH!
  6. First, lizabet, I'm sorry but that avatar is hideous! Eek!

    What bags are you looking at, OP? Are you talking about the totes? I would worry about either one being very delicate and getting dirty easily. Or are you talking about the bags in general? I like the Legacy shoulder bag and slim flap out of the legacy line. And I like the large duffle and large flap in the bleecker collection. Depends on what you need and want.
  7. I think Legacy is prettier in general, but I have a soft spot for the Tattersall!
  8. tll - it's...kind of an old joke around my house. It's the stuffed plush toy of the killer rabbit from Monty Python's movie The Holy Grail, named [SIZE=-1]Caerbannog.

    For the record I've been a bunny mom three times and would get another but for my 3 year old and his rough ways :smile:.

    Still voting Tattersall, to re-rail the thread! :tup:
  9. I love them both and have items of both patterns, but if I had to choose it would probably be Legacy.
  10. I am trying to decide if I would like to sell my Legacy stripe collection to get the tattersall... in the lines as wallet, ponytail scarf, etc. I just can not make up my mind which I like the best and need your all votes on this one, this is tough...lol
  11. I like both but I seem to have collected more tattersall stuff than legacy right now. My reasoning for this is that I like the feel of the tattersall better than the legacy. The legacy has a satiny finish to it and is much more likely to get pulls on it. The tatterall has a cottony finish to it and although lighter in color will hopefully not become snagged.
  12. I love my tattersall pouch. However, my weight loss goal bag is a the legacy shoulder bag in raisen.
  13. Personally I am scared of them both. They are both really cute (especially the tattersall) but Im afraid they will be dirty in 5 seconds. If i had one I would have to be even more OCD about people rubbing up against my bags in the store, etc. then usual and that would just be out of control :p I personally perfer them as the lining on the inside of the bag, that why it doesnt matter as much when they inevitably get dirty.

  14. OMG!

    I love Monty Python! I'm such a nerd.. I can quote that movie:shame:

    To OP:

    I like the tattersall print more than the legacy. I love the legacy stripes, but I couldn't do a whole purse in it. I could do a whole purse in the tattersall:yes:

    Now with scarves and small objects I love them both!!
  15. Oh, funny! My dh loves Monty Python! Me, I haven't really seen much so don't have the same appreciation! And I love bunnies! I had some when I was a teen! We'll probably get some again since we're in the country but not while we're still learning about horses!

    OK, back on topic.... I find myself wanting tattersall accessories but then I'll go back to legacy so I'm too fickle really to give you a good answer! I've gotten a little of both to make myself happy! You could get a Bleecker wallet in a neutral shade and a legacy stripe wristlet to go with it, then the tattersal is inside the wallet and the legacy is on your wristlet. Then you have the best of both worlds!