Quick question: need your fashion expertise! :)

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  1. Okay, with jeans/otherwise neutral apparel, would it be alright to wear
    (1) a white leather Evelyne bag with silver hardware
    (2) a white leather 'H' watch with silver hardware
    (3) a small white clic-clac bracelet with GOLD 'H'

    (I'm usually not so matchy)

    Anyway, I'm sure you see my conundrum. What's your gut response? Mine is no, which is why I'm posting here. If you have a moment, please just post either a Y or a N. Or give me an exposition on the topic of wearing gold and silver together. Whichever you have time for. :smile:

    PS. I know wearing gold and silver together has been discussed recently, but I still need some opinions on this particular case... Thanks ever so much. :smile:

  2. Y
    Sounds fine to me
  3. Thanks xquisite
  4. Your only worry is color transfer from the jeans to the white leather.
  5. Hm. The bag is new, so I haven't even tried it out with respect to color transfer.

    Do white clemence bags pick up color very easily??

    Thank you!
  6. Blue jeans can very easily transfer color to any light colored leather. After wearing my black jeans, I have to use a leather cleaner on my light-colored leather car seats! Any light leather will pick up color that tends to transfer as that of jeans does.
  7. Thanks, India. I'll watch out for this!
  8. I don't think any of it is too matchy, but I also have no problem with matchy, or with mixing metals. I say yes.
  9. Y. You might want to face the H logo of the evelyne inwards to reduce the 'H' logos w/combi of clic-clac.
  10. Exactly what I was thinking! I love mixing metals, though!
  11. sounds lovely!
  12. Sounds very summery! No problems with the mixing metals.
  13. I vote Yes! Love mixing metals......in fact one of my rings is half yellow and half white gold.
  14. Wow! I had no idea that so many people support the mixing of metals! I've always had a thing against it, so I generally stayed with yellow gold, but it's getting harder to stick with it.

    I agree with those of you wrt turning the 'H' of the Evelyne to the inside.

    Thanks, everyone! I'm relatively new here, so I really appreciate those of you who chimed in with your opinions. :smile: