Quick Question - asprin masks! How do I make one?

  1. what other ingredients do i need to combine it with? is there anything special i have to do? how long do you keep yours on for? is it safe for all skin types? (i have oily/combination skin)

    thanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. Crush up 5-6 uncoated aspirins, add a few drops of water to disintegrate, add to either yogurt, honey, aloe vera gel or queen helene mint julep mask. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.
  3. I have been using it lately. Really works well. I have oily skin and right now im on my period. This is the time where my face breaks out alot. with the mask, I havent seen one pimple. My skin is glowing (shine from smooth pores not oils)

    I have also been using it on my back as I have old acne marks back there. They havent gone away completely but they are getting smaller. I think if I keep using it they should be less noticable soon.

    Use three times a week before you go to bed.
  4. Thats what is so great about it, you can totally customize it to your skins needs! Its a great little trick, Ive been using for about a year now. Now that my skin has returned to normal over the last few months, i havent needed a FULL mask... a few times a week I will dissolve about 2 aspirins in my hand, add my face wash and use it that way (of course avoiding eyes!). Still works wondefully!
  5. Wow thanks so much for the great help guys!
    i agree - by the looks of it, you really can mix it up with other ingredients to suit your skin type. My mum didnt believe me when I told her about the asprin mask. lol
    She'll start to wonder where all the tablets have gone... ;)
    again thanks for the help - didnt realise it was so easy!
  6. When I was running out of Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, I mixed it with some aspirin paste (about half and half) and it dries up whiteheads almost instantly. It's amazing!
  7. Ok, this is probably going to be a stupid question, but what exactly does the aspirin do for your skin?
  8. Swing on over to makeupalley.com and read some reviews :yes: Also if you search here theres loads of great advice and experiences with the aspirin mask/scrub
  9. ^ Aspirin is pure salicylic acid, which is the top ingredient in most acne products. It's a mild acid that causes dead skin cells to shed, clearing blocked pores..
  10. My skin feels soo clean after I use this. It's a great gentle exfoliater. (That is..if you don't rub ROUGHLY..) I love it!!!