Quick poll: TPF 19, cosmetic PM or cosmetic GM

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Which cosmetic pouch would you choose

  1. TPF 19

  2. Cosmetic PM DE

  3. Cosmetic GM DE

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi Ladies,

    I know it has been discussed a lot, but I have the hardest time to choose a cosmetic bag.
    I am going on a trip soon and would like to pick one along with some other things as a little souvenir.
    I am deciding between the TPF 19 which is very functional in terms of shape and size and can hold small ends and needs besides to cosmetics (which I do not carry a lot of), and the cosmetic pouch in PM or GM size (they are more appealing look wise, but not sure about the size and shape).

    Thank you!
  2. i vote for the cosmetic case PM bc i like the shape better than the toiletry one but it all depends on ur preference and how much u will carry in it..
  3. ^ I agree??I have the TP in that size and I like my pm mono cosmetic pouch much better....
  4. I like cosmetic pouch GM. It has slot for lipstick, I carry it as clutch for quick errand sometimes.
  5. Depends on how much you carry. In prefer the shape of the cosmetic pouch. I have gm and pm. I use pm daily and only use gm when I go travelling so that it can double as a clutch. For me it's too large for everyday use though. So definitely depends :smile:
  6. I like the GM best but bought the PM because it's a better fit for my bags. Size will depend on how much you need to put in it and what size the bags are that you'll use it in.
  7. I voted for pm cosmetic pouch as the size is ideal for daily use and the shape is so lovely. However if you are short on space in your bag the tp would be better. I love my two cosmetic pouches, but the wide flat base does take up more space.
  8. Most of my bags are quite large, the smallest one I would use it for is Speedy B 30.
  9. Do you use it as an everyday cosmetic bag, or when you travel?
  10. You could go either way then. I think the GM would be nice so you have the extra space when you need it. If I put a lot in the PM, I have to wiggle it all around after I zip it to fix the shape. The PM does hold a lot though and will likely be fine for everyday. I'd bring everything you'd like to carry in the pouch in a ziplock bag, then just put the bag in each pouch to see which fit you like best.

  11. I use it everyday for cosmetics and other miscellaneous things. I have both sizes but use the GM more. I put everything in there, cosmetic, medications, keys, receipts, snacks..lol. For quick errands, I just put my driver license, credit card and some cash and ready to go, very useful size.

  12. Thank you :smile:
  13. I'm going against the grain here, but I vote for the TP 19. I had the exact same dilemma as you between these exact 3 cosmetic/toiletry SLGs. While I do like the look of both cosmetic pouches better, I didn't like the wasted space at the top where the pouch curves down. Does that make sense? I also wasn't able to fit my small hand lotion & hand sanitizer in the Cosmetic Pouch PM upright to prevent spills. And the GM was too big (along with my other essentials) for my favorite bags (Galliera PM & Totally PM). I love how slim & tall the 19 is for my needs. At the same time, this is a personal decision because so many factors come into play. I hope that helps!
  14. Thank you, ladies!
  15. i feel the same way about the 19 vs the cosmetic pouches. Tp19 is more user friendly. My cosmetic gm sits lonely in my closet.