Quick Outlet Reveal!

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  1. So about a week ago or so I made my way up to the outlet, and of course could not come home empty handed. I was expecting more of a selection than what they had at mine, but I was still able to make it out with a few new bags! So anyone here want to know what I got:biggrin:

  2. Oh let's see!
  3. Oooh! I'm here!
  4. I'm here!!
  5. Just in time.. OPEN
  6. I'm in!!! Which outlet do you go to??
  7. We are here!
  8. I go to the Williamsburg Iowa outlet, which I almost went back and exchanged these for the Ikat sabrinas they got in, but I am happy with these. Ok first one, should be really easy to guess!

  9. here!
  10. Ikat sabrinas at the outlet how much?
  11. Yay! Let's see!
  12. I heard from a fellow member who shops there that they were 20% off
  13. Oh my gosh...is that your dachshund? It's a double dapple...is she blind at all? I have a black and tan one named Ally and she's my baby for sure.
    Any hoo...I'm hear waiting for your reveal....
  14. Leah?
  15. Yepp thats my baby, Sage, she actually isn't blind at all. I just love love love dachsunds!:biggrin:

    Anyway showing a little more skin:P