Quick! Help me decide!!

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Which should I get?

  1. Panda Agenda

  2. Mono Shawl

  3. Don't get any yet! Wait for new stuff!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm so addicted to LV. and who says its a bad thing! :yahoo:

    help me decide! should i get a panda agenda? or the mono shawl? :girlsigh:

    well - i know its 2 very different things, but i've been thinking about this for the longest time!

    any opinions will be very much valued! thanks y'all!
  2. I'm a HUGE Murakami fan, so I'd definitely get the PANDA AGENDA .... :tup:

    It is so GORGEOUS and RARE.

    The Mono Shawl will always be there so you can get it later on down the road.

    Let us know what you decide. :flowers:
  3. ^^ITA!! :tup:
  4. LV Diva & Caley -- thanks for responding..

    good point LV Diva! sigh.... maybe im slightly edging towards the agenda because it is so rare.

    does anyone else have any thoughts??

    thanks so much all in advance!!!!! :tender:
  5. I would get which ever you think you would get more use out of.
  6. panda :heart:

    hes too cuteee 8)

    i just want to eat him up :biggrin:
  7. Panda....but only get it if you are going to have use of it.
  8. If it's 53" mono shawl, I vote for it ;)
  9. I love Panda's ... so cute! I'd get that one!
  10. thanks all for your comments/opinions!:flowers:

    i bought the panda agenda!! mua haa... who am i kidding. give me 1.5 months. and i'll get the shawl as well.:graucho:

    and of course. come 1.5 months after, i'll start having new things on my wishlist!

    will post pics when i get the agenda! soo eggciting! :yahoo::woohoo:
  11. I voted for the shawl I think they are so classy and can dress up any outfit
  12. Congrats!! You got the one from let-trade, right ;) ?
  13. I love shawls, so I would go with the mono shawl. Thinking about getting one for myself later this year!
  14. panda agenda now and mono shawl later!
  15. Panda agenda! Did you get it?